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Should CDL Pros Move to Halo?

There has been a heated debate ever since the move was made to where Formal, a former Call of Duty League pro, decided to go to Halo. The debate created a question, should CDL pros move to Halo? 

It is a serious debate that needs to be discussed because of the recent release of Halo Infinite. This game, in turn, is beginning to compete with and is also possibly overtaking Call of Duty as a whole when it comes to popularity. 

History of Moving to Halo from Call of Duty

Recently, Frosty actually went back to Halo from the moves that Halo made. Frosty created the trend for CDL pros to get into Halo. Pros like Aqua and Formal decided to venture into Halo after being in the Call of Duty League for many years. 

History of Moving to Call of Duty

However, there have also been a lot of moves from Halo to Call of Duty as well. The majority of the Call of Duty pros got their start in Halo. Pros like Crimsix, Huke, and Shotzzy are just some of the pros to have gotten their start in Halo. 

What are some Pros?

There are many pros to moving into Halo from the Call of Duty League. One pro is that there is better competition and more competition as well. This is due to their being an open bracket to where any team/player could play at the highest level. The CDL, currently, does not have that. 

Another pro is that the HCS is brand new after a couple of years. It is the new hot game where everyone is playing and watching it. They are watching it more than Call of Duty on streams. 

What are some Cons?

There are also a lot of Cons when moving from the CDL to Halo. One con is that the Call of Duty League pays more per contract than Halo. There could be a lot of times where Halo pros might not make as much as CDL pros. 

Another could be that the Halo league could be very time-consuming with a lot of different things to worry about as it is a brand new game. Whereas Call of Duty has been a constant thing for 23 years, there have only been half as many Halo games. 

Overall, this could mean a heated debate as a whole. This could be the cause for a lot of CDL pros to move to Halo because of it being a hot and brand new game. Could this mean for changes within the league? Or will it cause its downfall? 

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