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Seattle Surge Might Turn Some Heads

Seattle Surge

Over the last couple of years, the Surge has been a bottom-tier team. However, going into this new season of the Call of Duty League, the Seattle Surge might turn some heads after their recent performances in the early tournaments of Vanguard. 

The Team

The team is looking fresh as they currently have two youngsters in Pred and Sib. In which both youngsters are looking great over these recent tournaments. Along with that, they have the in-game leader in Accuracy and the veteran in Mack to help lead the team. Things are looking great for the team. 


The leader and most experienced player on the team looks to help lead the Surge to greatness as he is coming back from a season of getting benched after his MVP-like play against OpTic. 

Accuracy, the AR player for the team is looking to get into his new role of being the leader as he has never been the leader of the team playing with the likes of Attach and Clayster. If Accuracy has a good year along with the young talent, this could be the thing the Surge needs to be able to stay competitive. 


“Mack Melts”, as they like to call him, is looking to continue his run of being one of the biggest up and coming stars in the Call of Duty League. With his ability to take over Hardpoints and SnDs, he is looking to be great in those game modes.

Additionally, one thing to look forward to is Mack’s role as a flex player. Having to go from an AR to an SMG could be the difference between Seattle winning or losing a round, a map, or a match. Mack melts could create a spark the team needs in order to play at a high level. 


The young Australian superstar is looking to prove everyone wrong when it comes to the hype surrounding himself. He is playing exceptionally right now in the beginning tournaments for Vanguard. If Pred could get up to speed and get used to playing in the league, it could be the deciding factor for Seattle. 


This player, by far, could make or break the year for Surge. This is due to how gifted Sib is as a player when it comes to movement and gunplay. However, one thing that is constantly talked about is the attitude issue of Sib. If he gets it together for the team and plays great, he could quite literally catapult Surge into new heights. 

Currently, the Seattle Surge sits around the 6th-8th place range for this upcoming season. Already having won against top-tier teams like FaZe and Thieves, this could mean for a great year the franchise needs as the previous years have not been so kind to them. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Seattle Surge

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