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Recent Poll Made on What Made People Stop Playing Warzone

Warzone, as a battle royale and separate game, has been the largest grossing Call of Duty in history. The battle royale, unfortunately, has been on the decline as of late. So much so that a recent poll on what made people stop playing Warzone, shows that many people have lost interest because of the state of the game. 

Historically, ever since Warzone dropped, the game has faced its problems. Whether it be cheating or bugs within the game, it has faced its fair share of issues. Many of which cause players to not play the game anymore as a whole. 

Another thing that kept people from playing Warzone also had to do with other games like Apex Legends, the resurgence of Fortnite, and older battle royales like PUBG or H1Z1. Although there are those other games, it is mostly due to what happens in the game.

Poll on why people stopped playing the battle royale game

Why have you stopped playing Battle Royale? (Caldera) from CODWarzone

In the poll, there have been 745 votes as of today. 267 people dislike the current map, Caldera. 150 people prefer Rebirth island over the actual battle royale map. 19 prefer multiplayer. 31 prefer plunder or other specialty game modes. 150 completely stopped playing Warzone altogether. 128 did not answer. 

Overall, it is highly unfortunate to see when it comes to the Call of Duty battle royale. For the franchise, at the thought of how this game is, it is interesting to see if people come back to playing Warzone or if people move on to other games. 

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