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Questions Looming Over the Huntsmen

CDL Chicago wrapped up this weekend and one thing is clear: the Huntsmen are stuck. The team hit a plateau ever since winning CDL London and are stuck in a rut. Given the total championships, experience in addition to sheer skill on this roster, Chicago can perform better. The team consistently make the semifinals, but things need to be cleaned up. Where do the Chicago Huntsmen go from here?

Shaking up the Roster

Given the state of affairs with the Huntsmen, various issues are looming over the team. Chicago dominated the first two events of the year but has since stagnated. After that, they reached three semifinals in a row earned them enough points to remain at the top of the ladder. Unfortunately, if the Huntsmen do not sort out their roster issues they risk falling behind the other top organizations. The last thing fans want to see is a lapse in dedication be the downfall of the Huntsmen.

Give General his Time to Shine

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The Huntsman have an X-factor they are currently housing: Jordan General. Not many teams in the league have the depth Chicago have. Jordan is a top tier competitor whose rosters made deep runs on the largest stages. Most notably in Black Ops 4 last season General’s team Enigma6 earned a fourth-place finish. General is an elite sub within the CDL and deserves credit for his patience.

Recently on the Trip-Cap podcast, Arcitys admitted the team needed to improve their out-of-game issue. This likely indicates a chemistry problem is brewing with the team. With Chicago in need of a change, Jordan General is just the answer. General could be the breath of fresh air the Huntsmen need. His positive attitude is an incredibly beneficial intangible asset, which combined with his talent, can pay monumental dividends. Jordan adds high-speed gameplay and is hungry for his shot after spending the first five tournaments on the bench.


A less likely option, but extremely viable is a trade for Dashy. Dashy fits into the Huntsmen’s lineup very well. He possesses the flexibility to play the AR role or flex as needed. There is some potential to this idea as well. Back in October before the CDL officially started, it was rumored that Dashy demanded a trade to play in Chicago. At the time, OGLA declined given Dashy’s incredible Black Ops 4 season.

OpTic Gaming are not having the start to the season fans expected. They were a team with the potential to be at the top of the standings. Unfortunately for them, they only have 20 CDL points to their name. Fans know Dashy has the skill to pop off at any time on any map. If a making a substitution does not work for the Huntsmen, trading for an explosive star like Dashy might. Both teams are having chemistry issues and could both be performing better, so why not make this blockbuster trade?

Practice how they Play, Play how they Practice

CoD Champs
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One of the largest questions hanging over the Huntsmen is when are they going to start acting like professionals? On the same Trip-Cap appearance, Arcitys informed everyone that FormaL and Gunless still are failing to wake up for practice. This simply cannot happen. To truly be at the top of one’s craft, they must do all the major and minor tasks correctly. In professional sports organizations, if players miss practice they would surely be fined. Similar measures in the CDL would greatly benefit a team like Chicago. Although being punctual tends to get overlooked, it is an essential part of being a true professional. The Huntsmen need to implement a penalty for players disobeying basic team etiquette.

Currently, there are no measures in place to deter lazy behavior. Players are letting their foot off the gas and there appears to be a lack of urgency. There is no denying some of Chicago’s recent plateau is attributable to lazy practice habits. Especially in this environment of players playing at home. There is a lack of urgency and the Huntsmen are falling flat as a result. The players need to be better about holding teammates accountable. Peer pressure is typically looked at through a negative lense, however, for Chicago, some accountability and positive peer pressure would greatly benefit the team.

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