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Predictions for CDL Major 1

After the first three interesting and gut-wrenching weeks of the Call of Duty League season, the community is ready for the upcoming Major. That being Major 1, hosted by OpTic Texas. The start of the season came with a bang as there are a bunch of teams to look out for in this major. So, with that being said, here are some predictions for CDL Major 1. 

Two Teams to Look Out For From Losers

Minnesota ROKKR

This team had it pretty rough in the first five qualifying games of the season. Having lost against FaZe, London, and Seattle, this team is looking to prove themselves this major. However, they did beat OpTic and LAG. They had one of the hardest schedules this qualifying stage as they played four of the top five teams in the world. 

The thing that this team struggles with, just like any year, is Control and Hardpoint. Specifically, Bocage and Tuscan hardpoint are maps that ROKKR needs to improve on if they want to have a chance. All four players have negative K/D’s in Tuscan, while Standy is the only one to have gone positive on Bocage. 

The play from Standy is clear. Here is, still, one of the most exciting players in the league posting a decent K/D of 1.02. He and Attach posting 1.02 K/D’s so far could be the thing they need to focus on. Another thing could be that Priestahh, although talented, is still struggling to find his way as he is posting in negative in all respawn maps/modes, but one. If the Priestahh can get it together in time for the major, the ROKKR could be a force to be reckoned with in Texas. 

Florida Mutineers

Go figure. They are one of the most up and down teams in the league. Some matches, they could play lights out like the match against the Seattle Surge. However, they can play terribly just like how they did against London and Toronto. This team has a lot of potential going into this major. 

So far, Davpadie and Owakening are having a great year posting a 1.09 and 1.1 K/D respectively. Skyz has also been having a decent year, almost posting a positive K/D at 0.99. The one X-Factor lost is Vivid. These past five games, Vivid, in nine maps/modes, is posting a negative K/D in seven of those. If Vivid can post positive in SnD, which is what he is really struggling in, this team could get a nice run in the tournament. 

Teams to Look Out for in Winners

OpTic Texas

Pretty self-explanatory. This is, right now, the hottest team in the league other than FaZe and London. They are coming off three straight wins against Paris, Toronto, and Boston. Those being after heartbreaking Map 5, Round 11, losses against London and Minnesota. 

The team, early on, had leadership issues as nobody wanted to call the shots. Now that iLLeY is beginning to get into that role, the team looks better than ever before. They are coming off huge wins and huge performances by Shotzzy and Dashy. Three of the four players are posting positive K/D’s. The most exciting player to watch, and X-Factor, has to be Shotzzy. He is positive in seven of the nine maps and modes. 

One player to look out for as well as the king himself, Scump. So far, he is posting a 0.97 K/D. However, that stat does not do any justice as he made some key plays in those matches versus Toronto and Boston. If this team comes together and clicks, they could very well win the entire tournament. With the crowd on their side in their own stadium, this could be OpTic’s first LAN win in years. 

Los Angeles Thieves

This is one of the biggest surprises of the year. Although they lost badly to FaZe, this team is looking hot as they are coming off four straight wins. The only thing is that they have not really played anybody, but FaZe and a struggling Toronto. This could be the time to prove themselves to other top teams that they are the best. 

Kenny and Octane are two players that have been frying the past couple of weeks going into this major. We all remember Octane on LAN, it is scary. Especially since he is posting a 1 K/D going in this major. Kenny is doing even more work now, as the in-game leader, he is posting a 1.05. 

The one play to focus on the most though is Envoy. The Prince of Thieves is looking to prove why he is one of the best route men in the world. He wants to prove that he can be along with the likes of the great route men including Huke and TJHaly. His K/D does not tell you much, but Dylan Envoy could be the thing the Thieves need in order to make it out as champions this major. 

Overall, the outlook of this upcoming major is crazy. This could be one of the craziest majors the league has ever seen. The teams are looking highly competitive to see. Could you imagine the scenes if OpTic won? Or the scenes if a team out of nowhere wins it. All in all, this upcoming major is going to be one to remember. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

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