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Possible New Meta for Call of Duty League Pros after Recent Patch

Pro players like Dashy use the new meta as other pro’s are up in arms with possible new meta of the FFAR instead of the Krig. 

As the Call of Duty League is heading to its fourth stage of six, many Call of Duty pro’s within the community are looking for new guns to use throughout the season. This is despite the meta being the Krig and AK-74u. 

This recent change was made due to a recent patch in Call of Duty which made the FFAR slightly more powerful than the Krig, which is said to be the assault rifle in the game. Shortly after, Brandon “Dashy” Otell of OpTic Chicago started using the FFAR in scrimmages and then later using it in actual matches. 

Dashy Leads the Charge for New Meta

Dashy was always an oddball in the Call of Duty scene as he is known to be the lead figure in these possible meta changes. He is not the only one, however, as Christopher “Parasite” Duarte, who is a pro playing in the challenger’s division, also advocates pros that it might be the best gun in the game after the new patch compared to the Krig. 

“One headshot with the FFAR makes it kill in one less bullet now OMG,” Parasite said in a recent Tweet. 

This possible meta change came at a crossroads after the Los Angeles Guerrillas completely changed the meta by using no Krigs at all against the New York Sublines and had their AR players, Martin “Cheen” Chino and Adam “Assault” Garcia, use the FFAR and QBZ instead of the regularly used Krig.

It was completely out of the ordinary as Obaid “Asim” Asim, player for the Subliners, explained in an interview on The Flank Podcast. 

“I am not going to lie, I was very confused. I started dying to that thing and we were just all really confused,” said Asim. They were using FFARs and then I saw a late QBZ and only saw a Krig sometimes, I was like, ‘what are these guys doing?’.” 

Pro’s to using the FFAR

However, on the Podcast, Parasite did go more in-depth as to why players like Cheen and Dashy might be switching to the FFAR after this recent patch. 

“The FFAR is so good now and the reason why it’s good is because one headshot, that’s all it takes now, it’s not like the Krig where you need two,” says Parasite. “One headshot and it lowers the time to kill by one bullet, which makes it kill faster than the M4.” 

This trend has been very prevalent within the lower-tier teams within the league. Mid-Tier teams like the Guerillas and OpTic Chicago could be trying out a new meta to try and find something that works for them as the top-tier teams such as the New York Subliners and Atlanta FaZe stick to the normal meta as they truly go by the saying, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. 

Will Other Teams use the New Meta?

With the Call of Duty league coming into its final stages of the season, there might be a new meta change due to certain teams not performing up to par with how they want to be playing to be able to compete for the Call of Duty League Championship. 

With Dashy leading the charge in this possible FFAR meta, will teams do better, or are they better off using the regular meta? The answer to that, if going by the last week of games, is no. However, that does not mean that it does not shake up certain matches between the top-tier teams and lower-tier teams which could cause a crazy ending to the season all due to a meta change of using the FFAR instead of the Krig. 

Feature Image Courtesy of the Game Rant/OpTic Chicago. 

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