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3 Possible Landing Spots for Crimsix

Landing Spots Crimsix

There are many possible landing spots for the 3-time world champion, Crimsix. Ian Porter, better known as Crimbot or the “goat”, is still yet to be confirmed to be on a team in the Call of Duty League. Right now, there is the frontrunner in the New York Subliners, along with oddballs in the Paris Legion and London Royal Ravens.

Paris Legion

We will start with the first of two longshot teams. However, the only reason why it is a longshot is because of the location of the team. This is only if the team wants to relocate to a better location if the league is online again. 

This is a good spot for the three-time world champion because of the type of leader that he is. Imagine a team with Crimsix as the leader with three young, talented players to create a spark for the Paris Legion organization. 

With Theory at the helm as the coach, a veteran from Team Kaliber back in the day. The team is looking to add young and talented players to help them jump-start them into the new season. With Crimsix waiting in the wings, he could be the piece they need in order to compete for a World Championship. 

London Royal Ravens

This is another longshot just based on the type of team London is and also the location as well. With Crimsix living in Texas right now, it might be a problem to be in Paris or London. However, this is a good landing spot for the former champion.

One reason is that the team still has the young phenom in Afro along with a veteran of the scene, Dominate as the coach. This team is also looking to grow their brand and increase their popularity as a team as the past two seasons have not been kind to them. 

New York Subliners 

This is, by far, the frontrunner of landing spots for Crimsix. This is due to the fact that former teammate, Clayster, is on the team. They both have built a chemistry unlike any other. With Hyrda, the young french “god” on the team as well, the Subliners are looking to reach their final form. 

Crimsix would be happy to be a mentor along with Clayster to two young players in Hyrda and whoever else they end up picking up. This could be great for the scene as well as it creates a lot of storylines in the scene if Optic Dallas is a thing. 

Overall, Ian Porter is looking for a team. Rumors say that he already is on a team. The best bet is New York Subliners. But with the Call of Duty League and a new possible team entering the league, who knows what else can happen in this crazy year of rostermania. 

Featured Image Courtesy of Ian “Crimsix” Porter

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