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Players Speak on CDL Wages

With the new season coming up, there recently has been discussion as players speak on CDL wages.

It is nothing new when it comes to the discussion of wages within the Call of Duty League when it comes to the professional players at hand. Many big players within the community like Clayster and Crimsix are just some of the people who would like the idea of a players association just so players could have a small voice to voice their concerns and opinions of the league. 

Crimsix Perspective

Crimsix, who is considered one of the most vocal of all the Call of Duty League professionals, recently stated his own view on the situation of players’ salaries. One particular thing that he talked about was the fact that some of the smaller, not as good, teams do not want to spend the extra money to compete in the league. 

His argument was that these gaming organizations would much rather pocket the rest of the money rather than spend it on more talented players to stay competitive. This is beginning to be a problem as younger players are willing to take the bare minimum in the league just to make it. 


Another thing that the players face is fines. Other than the lower wages that some players are getting, they also receive fines for stating their own opinions on either the game or league. This is why the whole discussion of a players association was brought up. 

One thing that many players like Scump and Clayster get fined for has to do with the games that they have to play when it comes to the actual video game itself or the league. 

Possible Players Association

Clayster was one of the pros who would love to have a players association within the league. He thought that it would be great to have one due to the countless amount of opinions within the league. 

Problems With the Players Association

There is no exact problem in relation to the players association. It is still a great idea. However, the one issue to the creation of a possible association is if players would actually attend these meetings or not. 

This is due to the players having other things to do like practice, scrimmages, and most importantly, streaming. How would the players react if there were also no incentive with joining the players association? Nobody would really want to join if everything is being said, nothing is going on. 

Future of Wages and the Player Association

The wages of players might never change in the future. As far as many of them know, the organizations and teams need to make money in order to either stay afloat or make a profit. So if you are able to play hungry players for less money and keep the majority of the payroll for the organization, by all means, do so. 

However, players like Crimsix and Clayster also have a good argument when it comes to player wages as well. It is definitely wrong that many players are getting robbed of the money they rightfully deserve. All in all, who knows what is to come for the Call of Duty League and its players. 

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