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What is the player stock of Blazt?

Throughout this season in the CWL, Blazt has been in the spotlight a lot. However, his time has been spent in a negative manner for the majority of this time. At the start of the season he came in as an impressive player in the search and destroy community that was switching over to variant play for the first time.


Going into CWL Dallas, he was on Ground Zero with Parasite, Study and Fero. This team seemed to have issues in a both respawn game modes but were strong in search and destroy as expected with Blazt and Fero. Following this event, Parasite and Study decided that it was time for a team change. When this was announced, Parasite posted on twitter that he felt that teaming was Blazt was difficult due to his negativity and his immaturity.


The next team that he went on to join was a group of young SnD stars under Doom Clan. The team was Fero, Decemate, Ricky and Blazt. But this team was shot lived, six days before CWL New Orleans, Blazt announced that he was leaving Doom Clan and joining Enigma 6. This change was very influential on the pro points standings. His move knocked his former team down to the open bracket and moved the new Enigma 6 roster into pool play. Many pro players reacted to this by calling him a snake and saying that he is just chasing a high salary and not good chemistry. During the event Enigma 6 struggled in pool play going 0-4, forcing them into a disappointing top 16 placing. The Doom clan roster ended up placing Top 12, which caused Enigma 6 to miss the Pro League by only 135 pro points.

As expected this roster fell apart after the even due to pro points being less of an influence for the remainder of a season. Blazt ended up joining a roster of Nagafen, Mochila, and Censor under the Most Wanted organization. This roster seemed to be pleasing very early into the life of this team when the won one of the Pro League Challenge. But, the roster has fallen apart quickly. Most Wanted streams most of their scrimmages and tournaments, and during these they are frequently arguing and have multiple communication issues. During a scrimmage last week, Blazt ended up leaving mid-game and said to his stream that he could no longer stay playing with this team. The official announcement came out on Friday just 7 days before CWL Atlanta. Blazt is yet to announce who his team is going into Atlanta. However, there are rumors that Blazt will be replacing Bevils on the ERA Eternity roster.


What does this mean for the future of his career?

Blazt has not had the strongest start to his career, through three events he has now went through four team changes. Through three of these teams changes they have been due to personality issues between Blazt and his teammates. Many people are seeing him as a toxic player in the community and is deterring many pro and top amateur players from teaming with him in the future.

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