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OpTic Gaming LA: Week 1 Struggles

Optic Gaming LA: Week 1 Struggles

Opening weekend in Minnesota has come and gone and viewers enjoyed a great set of matches for the weekend. OpTic Gaming LA ran into some tough teams and finished 0-2 for the event. They have some things to look over to get prepared for the Atlanta event in February.

This weekly article series will recap the past weekend and look forward to the next set of matches for OpTic. Keep checking in with The Game Haus to stay up to date on all the Call of Duty news.

Week 1 Review

OpTic Gaming did not deliver on the high expectations they had going into opening weekend. They went 0-2 on the weekend with a 2-6 map count. OpTic simply looked slow this weekend despite some flashes of solid play from Dashy.

Optic Gaming LA: Week 1 Struggles
Courtesy of Optic Gaming Twitter
Paris Legion: 0-0

Azhir Cave/Hardpoint: 250-235 Paris

OpTic kept this map close until the end despite being out-slayed by a marginal amount. However, Paris was able to pull away at the end thanks to some big kills by KISMET. Kenny was the bright spot in the map for OpTic with the highest kill numbers for the team at 34.

Arklov Peak/Search and Destroy: 6-1 LA

OpTic played extremely well this map only dropping one round. Slasher showed off some of his gun-skill, getting 10 kills for the match and keeping a hot Paris team under control.

Gun Runner/Domination: 184-166 Paris

Paris came out firing in the map and out-killed OpTic pretty well. KISMET showed out once more with some big kills throughout the map and lead Paris to a solid win. Kenny played well in response once again, leading the team in kills with 29.

St. Petrograd/Hardpoint: 250-239 LA

Dashy put on a show on this hardpoint and everyone was excited to watch. He led the team in kills with 28 and got them in nice bursts. OpTic pulled together a nice team win this map and went into the final map with the momentum.

Rammaza/Search and Destroy: 6-3 Paris

KISMET was almost unbeatable this map and OpTic could only do so much to hold Paris back. JKap performed nicely but Paris overwhelmed the squad and pulled off the upset.

Player of the Match: Dashy

OpTic were able to count on the slaying abilities of Dashy all series. He put up strong numbers in response which propelled the team to force a game 5. If OpTic wants to improve going into Atlanta in the next few weeks, they need to utilize the slaying ability of Dashy to stay competitive.

Chicago Huntsmen: 1-0

Azhir Cave/Hardpoint: 250-176 Chicago

This map got away from OpTic early after a few late rotations to the hill. Envoy showcased his talent on this map after locking down multiple hills for Chicago early. Dashy played well for the team but the overall strong performance from Chicago was just too much.

Piccadilly/Search and Destroy: 6-2 Chicago

The first five rounds of the map were competitive and Dashy showed up again with a few sniper kills early. However, the duo of Scump and Formal were just too much to handle as each combined for 20 kills. Momentum was on the Chicago side going into the third map and OpTic needed a big flash from some of their top players.

Hackney Yard/Domination: 193-186 Chicago

OpTic tried their absolute best to keep their hopes alive but ultimately they fell short. Kenny and Slasher made huge plays throughout the map and allowed for JKap and TJHaly to make plays for the objective. Envoy proved to be too much for OpTic once again as he ended the team’s final push to capture B flag. While OpTic did not win a map this series, they looked their best all weekend in this domination against a top two team.

Player of the Match: Dashy

Kenny gets an honorable mention here with his solid performance in respawns but Dashy kept the team truly competitive. The pressure he put on the Chicago side was constant and his big play ability was on full display. Keep an eye out for Dashy in Atlanta on February 8 where he should have himself another dominant event.

Week 2 Preview

OpTic will not be attending the London event on February 8 and it might be for the best. The team will look to take advantage of this time to practice and perfect strategies. Their next appearance will be on February 22 in Atlanta.

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