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OpTic Gaming LA Make Their Claim on Los Angeles

CDL Los Angeles put the two LA teams head to head this past weekend. The Guerrillas and OpTic Gaming LA had slow starts to the season and were looking to prove themselves on the main stage. The Guerrillas made a few roster changes in hopes of remedying the early season woes but still fell short. Simultaneously, OpTic Gaming made a few role changes and the numbers prove how positive it really was. The role change combined with a great performance from the key players on the roster earned OpTic Gaming their first CDL win of the year.

Effects of the Role Change

Dashy and Slasher traded roles in preparation for CDL Los Angeles and it made a huge difference. With the MP5 in hand, Dashy was able to post a 1.31 K/D for the match up against the Guerrillas. His presence on the map was undeniably dominant as he made big plays after big plays. Slasher made similar improvements with the M4 posting a 1.51 K/D for the series. His play showed flashes of his true potential with an AR and his positioning on the map was phenomenal. Numbers like these make viewers wonder why this role swap was not made earlier.

TJHaly and JKap Live Up to Expectations

Both TJHaly and JKap struggled at the Atlanta and Minnesota events. In Atlanta, TJHaly posted a 0.74 K/D and JKap put up a 0.81 K/D. Performances like this left viewers wondering if the roster needed a change going into CDL Los Angeles. Both players flipped a switch going into the event however and played lights out against the Guerrillas. TJHaly was all over the map and his aggression paid off as he was a key reason the team made the reverse sweep. With a 1.14 K/D and a fast paced style of play, he kept the pressure on the Guerrillas and did not let up. JKap only posted a 0.73 K/D but was clutch in the key game five search and destroy to secure the win. OpTic Gaming needed these players to show up to secure their first CDL win and they did not disappoint.

OpTic Gaming LA Make Their Claim on Los Angeles
Courtesy of Optic Gaming Twitter
Taking Advantage of Momentum

OpTic Gaming had a very slow start and found themselves in a 0-2 map deficit. This team is very dependent on momentum and domination on Hackney Yard was their only chance to capture that energy. A team effort like the one shown on this map is exactly what they needed to make a push for the reverse sweep. Every player had a positive K/D with Slasher and TJ leading the way with over 30 kills each. Kenny supported them with 7 captures and dominated the objectives while his teammates flew around the map. This map marked the turning point for this team not only in the series, but for the rest if the season ahead.

OpTic Gaming LA has made a statement by beating the Guerrillas on the main stage. Slasher and Dashy will get more comfortable in their new roles and everything will fall into place. The star-studded roster has finally shown up and they are not going to look back. OpTic Gaming fans should be very happy with the performance this weekend.

Featured image courtesy of Optic Gaming Twitter

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