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OpTic Gaming LA: Keys to Success in Atlanta

OpTic Gaming LA: Keys to Success in Atlanta

OpTic are looking to come back from a slow start in Minnesota on February 22nd. The talent on this team is just too high for them to perform so poorly two events in a row. However, the team will need to make a few adjustments if they want to perform better against the top teams in the league. The players have already shown how excited they are to prove CDL fans wrong and perform well in Atlanta.

OpTic Gaming LA: Keys to Success in Atlanta
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This team has individual talent all over. From veterans like JKap and Slasher to young stars like Dashy and TJHaly, OpTic has no problems in terms of star power. However, the only way to maximize this talent will be to find a way to cohesively work together each map. In Minnesota OpTic found themselves trying to make individual plays to get themselves out of losing situations. If they can find a way to move more effectively as a team and trade kills effectively, this team will be hard to beat. Look for players like Slasher to lead the charge in team engagements as he is such a strong in-game leader.

Stronger Play From TJHaly

TJHaly is one of the best players on this roster and there is no doubt about it. However, he played lackluster in Minnesota and the team suffered as a result of it. This is something OpTic Gaming saw last year in Black Ops 4 with TJ. He could be inconsistent at times and get lost in a team with a lot of talent on the roster. TJ is not a bad player though and viewers can expect him to come out firing after a disappointing performance like the one in Minnesota. TJ can only go up from here and that will prove very positive for OpTic against tough teams like Chicago and Atlanta.

Keep Up The Energy

Chicago produces a series dubbed “The Hunt” which gives a behind the scenes look at the Huntsmen and their players. A scene in the first episode depicted star player Scumpi and Dashy talking before their match in Minnesota. Dashy jokingly taunts Scumpi saying, “We’re getting fired up over here!”. While this may seem like a meaningless joke between old teammates, players like Dashy bring that important energy to the team. Keeping the players excited and energetic during the match is integral to OpTic’s success and Dashy leads the way in keeping up that energy. If OpTic can keep up momentum and excitement throughout the event, they can scorch their way through the bracket all the way to championship Sunday.

OpTic will be playing in Atlanta on February 22nd and the event will be streamed on YouTube all weekend. The format of the event will remain in the tournament style for the rest of the season and should provide some exciting matches all year long. OpTic has a chance to prove a lot of people wrong and this event is the perfect place to do it.

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