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OpTic Gaming LA: CDL Atlanta in Review

OpTic Gaming LA: CDL Atlanta in Review

OpTic Gaming went into Atlanta with high hopes of turning their season around after opening weekend. However, they fell short once again with a disappointing performance and left viewers wondering what is going wrong? OpTic will need a major change before their home series on March 7th if they want to make the playoffs at the end of the season.

Atlanta Faze: 2-0

OpTic Gaming LA: CDL Atlanta in Review

Courtesy of Atlanta Faze Twitter

Atlanta came into the series as favorites to win the entire event and they did not fall short. A swift 3-0 win for Atlanta left OpTic scrambling to find their footing early. Simp and Cellium dominated the entire series and OpTic looked outmatched the whole way. A bright spot for OpTic was Dashy continuing to play well and put himself in a position to help his team win.

Player of The Match: Dashy

Atlanta were miles ahead of OpTic this match and there is a reason they won the whole event so convincingly. However, Dashy gets the player of the match for the OpTic side. His play in the final domination earned him player of the match as he was the only player positive for OpTic and was the first to get to most engagements.

Florida Mutineers: 2-2

OpTic Gaming LA: CDL Atlanta in Review
Courtesy of Florida Mutineers Twitter

OpTic Gaming made some improvements for their match against the Mutineers but still fell short. A 3-1 loss to a strong Florida side knocked OpTic out of the tournament. Prestinni was a monster the whole event and played extremely well this match. The match was full of drama though, as the domination was initially ruled a tie before an official ruling gave Florida the win by one point.

Player of the Match: Dashy

Dashy went into survival mode this match as his team was facing elimination. He was flying around the map and lead the team in kills despite the team losing the match. JKap also made some strides forward as he went double-positive the first hardpoint.

OpTic Gaming are last in the league in CDL points (0) and map wins (3). This has left viewers wondering if a roster change might be the answer for the struggling team? Bench players Chino and Goonjar may be the answer to the bad start to the season. However, the team has already made a change before the March 7th home series. Dashy will now be using a submachine gun for the LA event, which fits his fast playstyle very well. This will also give the best player on the roster a chance for more engagements which will only prove to be positive in the future. CDL LA will be the perfect chance to turn things around in front of a friendly crowd.

Featured image courtesy of Optic Gaming Twitter

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