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New C.O.D Warzone Finishing Move Animation Revealed

A new Warzone finishing animation pays homage to the act of “T-Bagging” discovered by data-miners.

Call of Duty Warzone, the franchise’s battle royale mode, free-to-play for all users, is a true test of any Call of Duty player’s skills. However, a finishing move animation, leaked by video game Youtuber, Elvis. The animation pays homage to the game well known trolling tactic in the multiplayer shooter community, known as “T-Bagging.”

How They Found It

The player’s character has two different iterations, which comes about after killing another player, silently for behind.

Elvis and his friend first heard about the animation on a Reddit post. This prompted Elvis to start investigating the game’s code and found the animation.

Elvis then proceeded to upload the video of the animation to his Youtube channel.

“Before anyone asks, I have no idea what bundle this is from or when it is coming out, the execution is called Bag ‘Em and can be used on ANY operator for modern warfare. This finishing move is in the files since season 3, but my guess is they changed the animation at the start of season 1. Before season 1 it was just a copy of the “take a bow” finishing move by Velikan here is a link to the finishing move”  Elvis further elaborated on his discovery in a YouTube comment, pinned to the video. 


One comment responding to Elvis’s video saying the animation is “gonna be straight cancer.” Another commenter said, “Everyone is gonna be buying the bundle for this execution.”

Activision gave no details about the release date for the animation.

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