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Nadeshot: Call of Duty’s Saviour?


Former professional Call of Duty (CoD) player Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag plans a return, not as a player, but as CEO of his 100 Thieves (100T) organisation. Many consider Haag’s early contributions to streaming and content creation under OpTic Gaming to be one of the most important steps in putting CoD esports on the map. With lacklustre viewership in recent events, could he once again revitalise the scene?

Nadeshot is the closest figure to a household name in CoD esports. He represents a great success story, one that shows how much gaming can change people’s lives for the better. From McDonalds’ to multi-millionaire, all while dealing with the untimely death of his mother in 2012. Matthew Haag was and still remains the best role model our fledgling scene has ever enjoyed.

100 Thieves

Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag //

Haag retired from playing CoD professionally in April 2015 following OpTic Gaming’s Top 8 placing at that years’ World Championship. His stint with OpTic came to an unofficial close when he announced the founding of his own team one year later, 100 Thieves. Nadeshot quickly acquired a CoD team, surprisingly captained for former nemesis Patrick “Aches” Price. The team fell flat on expectations, finishing last in the North American Stage 2 Regular Season.

As is the measure of the man, he took stock of his mistakes and seemingly recognised the importance of patience in building success. Furthermore, 100T moved away from esports to focus on branding, content and merchandise before securing a League of Legends roster in November 2017. Following a fantastic 2nd place finish in the Spring season, 100T seek a return to Nadeshot’s roots.

A Rival to OpTic?

Former OpTic Gaming professional player Damon “Karma” Barlow //

OpTic Gaming have dominated the competitive Call of Duty landscape in recent years, both in championships won and fans earned. This is in large part thanks to Nadeshot’s early contributions, but the tables have turned. It was rumoured that he left OpTic with bad blood, and recently described the organisation as a “dying team”. Haag made it clear that 100T will be returning to Call of Duty, likely obtaining a team after the World Championship (ending Aug. 19th).

Considering OpTic’s recent roster change, there has never been greater potential to rival their support. Not only would Nadeshot bring in his own legion of fans, but there will be many marketable players available. Former OpTic player Damon “Karma” Barlow, currently on a competitive hiatus, ended his stint on the roster on bad terms. Karma carries many personal fans with him, eager to see a rivalry develop with his former teammates. The World Championship is on the horizon, and big names will inevitably be up for grabs.

Black Ops 4

Nadeshot is not aiming low, stressing he would acquire any of the OpTic “dynasty” line-up players if the circumstances allow. Haag mentioned on stream that he wishes players would “stop being friends” to re-invigorate the rivalries that helped CoD get off the ground. 100T re-entering the scene provides the perfect opportunity for Nadeshot to do just that – in prime position to stir something up.

Picture Karma and Matthew “FormaL” Piper, under owner Nadeshot, pitted up against former teammates and organisation OpTic Gaming. All hell would break loose. With Haag’s high opinion of Black Ops 4 to consider also, Nadeshot will surely help inspire fans’ love for the game once again.

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