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Minnesota Rokkr: Who is the Most Balanced Player on the Team?

Minnesota Rokkr

The Minnesota Rokkr have a loaded roster that is well balanced and well-coached from top to bottom. This is why they have remained one of the top five teams in the CDL this year. Speaking of balance, it’s interesting looking at the roster and seeing the stats of the group. There are a couple of killing machines on there.

There are also others who play a specific role and do a great job at it. There’s no doubt that this kind of flexibility has contributed to the team’s overall success. From the killing abilities of GodRx, Alexx and Assault, to the contesting skills of Asim and leadership of SiLLY, the team doesn’t seem to have a weakness on paper.

But overall, who is the most balanced player on the Rokkr? Which player can do a little bit of everything? Someone who dishes out kills, assists and flag captures among other things. Someone who can get on hot streaks and deliver in the clutch. All of the players on the team have multiple skill sets, but if one had to decide who best balanced them all out, it would have to be the man that’s about to be mentioned.

Keep in mind, that this isn’t a “best player on the team” thing. This is simply showing who has the most skills in the tank.

Justin “SiLLY” Fargo-Palmer

Minnesota Rokkr

One of the most experienced players in Call of Duty, also so happens to arguably be the Rokkr’s most balanced. His strategic approach and communication has given him a “captain-like” vibe for the team. And although killing isn’t his top skill, he does a fair amount of damage to his opponents. Prior to the Seattle home series, he collected 18, 24 and 27 kills in early Hardpoint matches.

Combine this with his ability to be clutch and the crafty veteran is very well-rounded. On top of this, he is one of the elite Domination players in the CDL, being a leader in captures. He has been in the top 10 or hovering around it all season. Leadership? Check. Communication? Check. Clutch? Check. He gives you just enough kills and certainly delivers at his best during Domination.

Again, the team is loaded, and there are a couple of MVP quality players on the roster. However, in terms of bringing a little bit of everything to the table, SiLLY is the guy.

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