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Minnesota Rokkr: Who are the Team’s K/D Leaders?

Minnesota Rokkr

The Minnesota Rokkr’s season has been better than expected, as they have consistently ranked in the top three or four in the Call of Duty League this year. Even with the Coronavirus slowing things down, the show will still go on, online where they can try and continue their winning ways. But one stat that has stood out during their season is the K/D (Kill/Death) numbers. This has been something they have been terrific at, especially during game modes like Hardpoint.

There are three players on the team who have a K/D average of 1.10 or higher which tied for the most in the CDL with the Atlanta FaZe. And one of those players, GodRx, is tied with Cellium and Simp of the FaZe for second-most in the league with 1.29. Only wuskin of the London Royal Ravens has more with a whopping 1.41. Although there’s more than just one stat in Call of Duty, the K/D statistic is a good way to determine how great a player is and the four players mentioned may be the best in the league.

So who are the overall K/D leaders for the Rokkr? Certainly, the aforementioned GodRx is up there, how have the others fared as well? For Rokkr fans, the numbers should be pretty pleasing.

1. GodRx

Total Kills/Deaths: 941-732

Minnesota Rokkr

He that has risen to the occasion every weekend also so happens to be one of the top five players in the league or so. He doesn’t seem to have many weaknesses out there. The team as a whole have had some hiccups in Search & Destroy, but they have improved. GodRx has led the way in most statistical categories for the Rokkr, including K/D.

His total K/D in Hardpoint is 26.33 and that includes an average of 1.32. On top of that, 556 of his 941 kills have all come from Hardpoint alone. He also has a 1.25 in Domination, which is a mode that the Rokkr have also done very well in. Even in SnD, he has enjoyed a 1.45 which is impressive considering that K/Ds are typically lower in SnD.

2. Alexx

Total Kills/Deaths: 912-806

Minnesota Rokkr

An offensive threat, Alexx has quietly been a force this year for the team. When everyone thought they had to focus on GodRx, Alexx has been there to deliver at the right times as well. Overall, he has a K/D average of 1.13 which is good for second on the team. His most impressive number comes from Hardpoint, where they have played very well. Alexx’s overall K/D average in Hardpoint soars over the 20 point mark. He’s currently enjoying a 24.69, making him one of the top players in the game mode. He also has a 1.07 average in Domination as well. Both Hardpoint and Dom have been a big part of the Rokkr’s success and Alexx has played a huge role in that.

3. Assault

Total Kills/Deaths: 834-744

Minnesota Rokkr

The former CWL Finals MVP has had a very efficient season, bringing balance to the team. He may be the most balanced player on the squad overall. He’ll get kills, deal damage, and make opponents shift focus. His 1.12 K/D average is good for third on the Rokkr, which is only .1 behind Alexx. His overall Hardpoint K/D is chunky at a 24.33 making him one of three players on the team with 24 or more points. Interestingly, his K/D in Domination and SnD are nearly identical. In Dom, he has a 1.05 and 1.00 on SnD.

4. SiLLY

Total Kills/Deaths: 777-855

Minnesota Rokkr

One of the leaders on the team, SiLLY isn’t the flashy player, but he delivers in ways that aren’t shown on the stat sheet. His communication skills are superb, and sometimes, he can be a heat check player as well. His K/D average this season is near 1.00 at 0.91 and in Hardpoint, it’s 0.99. In Domination and SnD, he has a 0.84 and 0.87 so there’s a balance there. His overall Hardpoint K/D sniffs the 20 range, thanks to some sparks that he’s had this season.

5. Asim

Total Kills/Deaths: 780-895

Minnesota Rokkr

Another player that has quickly become a vocal leader, the always electric Asim, has contributed in unique ways. As with SiLLY, he does things that don’t show up on the stat sheet. He does have the ability to go on some killing streaks as well however proving his aggression. But his play is smooth and buttery, sort of like a point guard in basketball or a Kebler cracker. He has a 0.87 K/D average for this season so far which includes a 0.92 in Hardpoint. There was some crazy eight action with his Domination and SnD numbers, with a 0.88 and .078 K/D respectively.

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