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Minnesota Rokkr: Week 3 Review

Minnesota Rokkr

The Minnesota Rokkr finally got their opportunity in a home series as a visiting team, heading to the home of the Atlanta FaZe. Starting off red hot, they proved that they belonged in the Call of Duty League .

A win against the top-ranked Paris Legion in the first match was a sign of things to come, as they held them off 3-1. This was after a slow start in the first map, but they quickly rebounded.

From there, they put on a mostly impressive show despite hitting some bumps in the road in the process. Although the ending wasn’t what fans have hoped for, there was still many positives that came out of Atlanta.


Paris Legion: 5-4-0

Paris Legion

The Paris Legion came into the tournament as one of the best teams in the CDL. In particular, they have proven themselves as a top-tiered Search & Destroy team.

In the Saturday morning match, the Rokkr took care of business, defeating the Legion 3-2, despite losing in Hardpoint, something they don’t do often. From there, it was all Minnesota purple, as they’d win the rest of their maps. This includes a quality performance in SnD where they have struggled.

Player of the Game:

GodRX continues to assert his dominance as arguably the team’s best player. In particular, his 30 kills and 18 deaths in the final Hardpoint match really put a bow on the match.

Chicago Huntsmen: 8-1-0

Chicago Huntsmen

The number one ranked team in the Call of Duty standings came the Rokkr’s way, and although they’d lost the fight 3-1, there were still positives. The main thing that stood out is they still showed that they were arguably the best Hardpoint team in the league.

They held the Chicago Huntsmen to just 107 points in Hardpoint. This is the lowest points allowed by any team in the league. Remember, folks, this was against the top ranked team in the CDL.

Player of the Game:

Based solely on the historic Hardpoint victory, Asim gets the Player of the Game nod for the Rokkr in this match. In that map, he had a solid 24 and 18 in the K/D category and also added nine assists to go along with that. Alexxx was a very close second in this with his 25 and 17 K/D.

Paris Legion: 5-4-0

Paris Legion

After taking care of business in match one to the Legion and unfortunately falling to the Huntsmen, the Rokkr would get a rematch with Paris. And once again, they delivered, winning the series 3-2 and finishing with a dominate 6-0 victory in Search and Destroy.

Minnesota became only the fourth team this season to achieve perfection in SnD. Chicago, Paris and Atlanta were the other teams to do so.

They also had another terrific showing in Hardpoint, holding the Legion to just 152 points in the first game. As good as Paris has been, the Rokkr was their Kryptonite this past weekend.

Player of the Game:

This one was tough, but the POG goes to SiLLY for his consistent play throughout the match. The veteran especially impressed with a K/D of 28 and 19 and the first Hardpoint game, which also included a whopping 12 assists.

Atlanta FaZe: 6-0-0

Atlanta FaZe

Taking on the hometown FaZe was no easy task for the Rokkr, but they stunned the entire arena early on in the match. In the first Hardpoint map, they found themselves down 203-153 at one point, before making a dramatic comeback. They would take the map 250-211.

Those purple Viking warriors didn’t stop there, as they slew FaZe in Search and Destroy as well, almost shutting them out with a 6-2 win. As the jaws of the Atlanta fanbase were on the floor in disbelief, FaZe woke up, and ended up beating the Rokkr.

That said, they went out there and nearly stunned everyone in an extremely hostile environment, as the echoes of “ATL!” made its way around Gateway Center Arena. Despite the loss, there were plenty of things to feel good about.

Player of the Game:

Alexxx takes this POG for his play in the two winning maps for the Rokkr. His 29 and 22 K/D was the best of the bunch in the Hardpoint game as he outdueled the immensely dangerous Simp of Atlanta.

He also enjoyed a handsome eight and three in the K/D stat in Search and Destroy. An assist was also thrown in that stat line.


There are no matches this upcoming weekend (sadly). The next home series will take place on March 7 in Los Angeles.

Colin Mieczkowski covers the Minnesota Rokkr for The Game Haus and can be followed on Twitter @GhostPandaColin. Also, be sure to follow TGH @TGHEsports for the latest in Call of Duty League news. 

Featured image courtesy of the Call of Duty League Twitter page.

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