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Minnesota Rokkr: Was the Long Bye Beneficial for the Team?

Minnesota Rokkr

The Minnesota Rokkr tee it up tomorrow in their first big event since they hosted the Call of Duty League Launch Weekend in late January. Although they performed well in week one, they had a long break off afterward.

Some may find it that it will be beneficial, while others may think it was not. Others simply may say that it does not matter.

Having a long bye may throw players off of their game in their next outing. However, some might feel reinvigorated and ready to rumble.

The bye was indeed beneficial for the Rokkr for several reasons. But, there are a couple that stands out the most and can help them in their Saturday morning battle against the Paris Legion.

They’re Well-Rested

Minnesota Rokkr

Okay, this goes without saying and is a statement that would make captain obvious smile, but it’s true and helpful. Rest is an essential part of anything in life, let alone for the life of professional Call of Duty players.

This could give them an edge, as they should be plenty refreshed for their first match. This is especially important since it’s an early game, and it’s easy to feel a little sluggish in the morning.

Nonetheless, they’ll still be dangerous because it’s possible that they have gotten into a flow of things having participated in all tournaments so far. With that being said, the Rokkr’s batteries should be all green, fully recharged and ready for battle.

They’ve Been Practicing Quite a Bit

Minnesota Rokkr

During their long break, they have been putting in the work throughout while most of the other teams were playing. All of the players had a chance to stream their gameplay and show how hard they’ve been working, showing the competitive itch.

Well, that itch will be scratched on Saturday in Atlanta as fans everywhere will get to see if the team improves or digresses. Among those who were working on their game was Assault, and he put on quite a clinic in this clip from Twitter.

If a player like Assault comes in prepared, then the Rokkr could be a force to be reckoned with. GodRX already impressed everyone with his play in week one, and his continued success is also key.

Practice makes perfect as they say, and it’s clear that the players were hungry for more competition. This weekend, they’re all mailmen; it’s up to them to deliver the goods.

It Could Benefit Them in Their Next Tournament

CDL Launch Weekend


After their journey to the ATL, the Rokkr of Minnesota will travel out west to Los Angeles on March 7, where they’ll battle the Seattle Surge in their first match. Although it might be a stretch, having that extra rest may also help them in that event as well.

Sure, they may feel pretty tired after the Atlanta series, especially if they advance deep into the bracket-style tournament. However, they should still feel pretty fresh, since they didn’t have to go through three-straight home series. Although, that’s going to change soon.

The only thing is that the Surge will be ready to play as well, as they have a bye this weekend after playing in London. Just like with the Rokkr though, it’s all about how they handle rest.

As mentioned, some people are sluggish after rest and some are ready to ball. It’ll be interesting to see both perspectives for this weekend and the next series in L.A.

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