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Minnesota Rokkr to host “Rokkr Royale” on Saturday with Eight Teams

Minnesota Rokkr

The Minnesota Rokkr have decided to host their own tournament while everyone is quarantined. It has been dubbed the “Rokkr Royale” and it will be streamed live on Saturday. The event will feature eight different teams playing Call of Duty Warzone’s Battle Royale. Each team will have a blend of pro players and celebrities.

This includes Rokkr players, pro streamers and other sports athletes, among others. A couple of teams have been announced so far with more to be announced soon. The first squad features two members of the Rokkr and a well-known musician/streamer. The second group features two highly regarded content creators and an NHL star. Both of them have some fun names to boot and there will be other teams to be announced soon.

Here are the teams that will be participating in the Rokkr Royale:

The Gulag Boys – Saintt (Rokkr Head Coach), SiLLY (Rokr player), and Jauz (musician)

JT Butternite – MiDNiTE (streamer and Head of Content for Rokkr), Butters (FaZe streamer), JT Brown (NHL player for the Minnesota Wild)

Minnesota Rokkr

Team Gametime – Asim (Rokkr player), REPPIN (Rokkr Assistant Coach), Smitty (Host of Stool Gametime on Barstool Sports)

Minnesota Rokkr

Cold Gunnas – Censor (New York Subliners player), TTinyy (Rokkr/Rebel Esports player and streamer), Josh Johnson (XFL quarterback)

Minnesota Rokkr

Assault, Exceed, Trev – Assault (Rokkr player), Exceed (Rokkr/Rebel player), Trevor May (Minnesota Twins pitcher) 

Minnesota Rokkr

Team Summertime – Jorge (NRG content creator), Hitch (NRG videographer & content creator), Blake (NRG content creator)

Minnesota Rokkr

The Bounty Hunters – Alexx (Rokkr player), GodRx (Rokkr player), John Okogie (NBA player for Minnesota Timberwolves)

Minnesota Rokkr

RavensForNHS – Skrapz (London Royal Ravens player), Wuskinz (London Royal Ravens player), Quando Rondo (musician)

Minnesota Rokkr

Yes, the first team’s name is The Gulag Boys and yes, JT Butternite is a morphing of all of the players’ names. There will be money involved at $40,000 and the proceeds of the event will go to charity. The Rokkr Royale battle will be taking place on Saturday at 3PM CST on Twitch.

Photos via the Minnesota Rokkr

Colin Mieczkowski covers the Minnesota Rokkr and Call of Duty for The Game Haus and can be followed on Twitter @GhostPandaColin. Also, be sure to follow The Game Haus @TGHEsports for the latest and greatest from the Call of Duty League. 

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