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Minnesota Rokkr: Three Ways to Follow the Action This Weekend

The Minnesota Rokkr have re-assembled and are back in action as the Call of Duty League makes its return. Of course, things will be different with the matches taking place online. Despite that, the shows go on, as the power of gaming is on full display. It can be played anywhere in the world, regardless of the circumstances. So where can fans follow all of the Rokkr action?

There are a few ways, but there’s one that is still going to be in use as it was during the first part of the season. But there are a couple of other ways to follow that maybe fans haven’t tried yet. One of these, in particular, will have some prizes involved. The other is a quick way to consume the action without being glued to the screen. However Rokkr fans watch, there are many options out there, even during these unique times.

Watch the matches on YouTube

Call of Duty League YouTube

Yes, the CDL is back on YouTube after obviously having some time off the air. It’s going to be interesting seeing how production will be with everyone stationed at home. Keep in mind that esports is no stranger to hosting tourneys from home. So it should work out nicely for the CDL until things get back to some sort of normalcy. Fans can tune in to the live broadcasts on YouTube at anytime this weekend.

Hop on the Rokkr Discord Server

Minnesota Rokkr

The Rokkr Discord page is growing steadily, and they are currently hosting a watch party. This party will run throughout the entirety of the weekend. It is hosted by Ashley “MiDNiTE” Glassel and Doug “EsportsDoug” Cortez and there will be prizes involved throughout. Fans will be asked to accept the invite to join the Discord page and from there, they’ll have full access.

Follow the action on Twitter

Minnesota Rokkr

One place that is always great for quick, simple updates on things is Twitter. Following the Rokkr and Call of Duty League accounts will allow fans to stay up to date with most anything. This includes plenty of highlights of what they may have missed. And if fans click on the little bell next to the follow button, they will receive notifications. These notifications will be tweets as soon as they are posted, so fans will always be up to date on the latest. In fact, it is also recommended to follow The Game Haus as well for more in-depth coverage of the league.

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