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Three Things the Minnesota ROKKR Need to do Next Season

Minnesota Rokkr

The Minnesota ROKKR’s season has come to a close in the inaugural year of the Call of Duty League. It came to a sudden halt after back-to-back tough losses in the playoffs. They started off on a very good note in the first half of the season. This included a couple of trips to home series finals.

Since then, they have fallen off the map a bit while other teams have seen a rise (such as the New York Subliners). Ever since a tough injury for Alexx, one of the team’s best offensive threats, the squad started to sink it seemed. And the benching of star player GodRx seemed to be their official undoing.

Although the ending was cloudy like the Forbidden Lands in Shadow of the Colossus, there are some positives. For starters, the strong start was a good indication of how great they really are. This, after being at seven or so in the preseason power rankings. They climbed up and were in the top four for most of the year, establishing themselves.

And although he was benched, the great play of GodRx all year cannot go unnoticed. For most of the season, he ranked in the top five in K/D putting up big numbers. His stellar play earned him the secondary nickname of “GoatRx” around social media. The ROKKR were one of the few teams to beat the Atlanta FaZe early on thanks in big part to GodRx.

So what are some things the team can do to improve their chances for next season?

Reassert their dominance in Hardpoint

Minnesota Rokkr

During the first half of the season, the ROKKR were one of the more dangerous Hardpoint teams in the entire Call of Duty League. Probably their most impressive performance was a 250-107 throbbing of the Chicago Huntsmen. Throughout the entirety of the season, the Huntsmen were one of the top teams in the CDL.

Their play in Hardpoint was a huge reason for why they were as hot as they were during that first half. They would put opponents down quickly with regular victories in the game mode. They would get ahead in their series’ because of this. So if they can rekindle the flames of their Hardpoint powers, then they could start hot again next season.

Try not to shake the roster up too much

Minnesota Rokkr

It will be a good idea for the ROKKR to not mess with the roster too much. Benching GodRx is something that hurt them greatly in the playoffs. If they can try to keep things intact as best they can without moving players up and down, then that could help.

If they need to make a trade of some kind, then that would not be surprising. The aforementioned Huntsmen instantly made themselves stronger with the addition of Prestinni. If the ROKKR want to take a chance at a move, they would need the right fit. If the player is good and can fit the team’s chemistry, then that would be a plus. So no matter what they do, it’ll help them if they can keep their chemistry going.

Continue to improve in Search & Destroy

Minnesota Rokkr

One game mode that the team struggled with throughout most of the season was Search & Destroy. Despite their solid play in Hardpoint and Domination, SnD always haunted them a bit. They did start to play much better towards the middle of the season.

However, they once again slowed down when they began having their late-season issues. They don’t need to dominate SnD like they did with Hardpoint early on. However, if they can be more consistent, then it will prove beneficial for them. Many matches can live and die on SnD so it’s critical that the ROKKR make themselves a threat in the mode.

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