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Minnesota Rokkr: Team to Host Fan-Based 2v2 Gunfight Tournament

Minnesota Rokkr

The Minnesota Rokkr are hosting a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight tournament on Saturday, April 18. This event will consist of fan-based teams. It will take place through the official Rokkr Discord page, and 32 squads will be playing. Gunfight is a mode that is still relatively new, being introduced in the current game. It also makes brief appearances in Call of Duty Mobile too.

The goal of the game essentially is to just survive in a small team setting. Players have 40 seconds to kill each other in a small location. The last team standing wins. However, if both teams are still alive after 40 ticks, then it heads to overtime. The game will then turn into what is basically a game of Capture the Flag.

The flag only pops up for 10 seconds so players will need to take swift action. If nobody grabs the Overtime Flag, then the win goes to the team with the most health left. So really, Gunfight is a game of speed. This level of pace should lead to some intense moments in the tournament.

Small spots, more action

Call of Duty

Tight locations and just two-on-two is always interesting. And with no respawns, the pressure is on as soon as players fire up a match. It’s a great way to see who can combat that pressure the most. Think of like a tournament of Gulag matches. In the Gulag, it’s easy to start getting the adrenaline pumping with players fighting for their lives.

That’s something that will be on display with this particular event. And when it’s close and personal, viewers can expect some quick kills, especially with the time limit. Esports is already fast-paced as it is, but with the uber simplicity of Gunfight, it will make things even easier to consume. This could especially be good for new fans of Call of Duty to get a taste of the action of watching competition.

People interested in checking out the tourney can head to the Rokkr’s Discord page which will have more details. The match will begin at 3pm CST.

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