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Minnesota Rokkr Team Review – Week 1

Minnesota Rokkr

The Minnesota Rokkr completed their first week ever in the Call of Duty League in front of their home fans at the Armory in Minneapolis. These will be weekly reviews that discuss the previous matches and then preview the next games they have coming up. They didn’t disappoint in their first two matches in CDL history.


Los Angeles Guerillas: 4-5-0

Los Angeles Guerillas

In the beginning, it was a terror for the Rokkr, as the Guerillas took an early lead with a 250-169 beating in the first Hardpoint match. They eventually took a 2-0 lead after winning a Search and Destroy match, but thanks to a bizarre penalty by the Guerillas, their win was scratched and given to the Rokkr to even things at 1-1.

From there, the Rokkr took advantage and dominated the rest of the way, winning Domination 192-174 to start their redemption run. Lastly, they closed things out by pulling out the wrecking ball, winning Hardpoint 250-167 thanks to the unbelievable play of GodRx.

Player of the Game:

GodRx undoubtedly was the Player of the Game, as he was the main reason why the Rokkr were able to bounce back after being up against the ropes. He particularly lit it up in the final map to close things out in what was a stomping of Los Angeles.

Toronto Ultra: 4-5-0

Toronto Ultra

In the heart-pounding first map, the Rokkr escaped with a victory in Hardpoint, beating the fairly tough Ultra 250-229. Then, they’d quickly lose out on the second map in Seach and Destroy in stunning fashion, 6-3, but rebounded and played well in Domination, giving them the momentum.

They then closed things out with a statement victory over the Ultra, with a 250-125 win in what was one of the more dominating performances of the weekend. For a while, it seemed that they were going to keep them below 100, but the Ultra managed to pick up some steam towards the end.

Player of the Game:

GodRx once again showed what he was capable of in this matchup. He helped the Rokkr stay in the first Hardpoint map and played a major role in the explosive final Hardpoint victory.

If he keeps up this level of play, and if veterans like Assault and Silly can remain consistent, then the Rokkr could be quite dangerous. They showed their resiliency, and GodRx led the way.


The Minnesota Rokkr will not be participating in the next tournament in London, as it is an off-week for them this time around. The next time they play will be in Atlanta where they’ll take on the Paris Legion in the first match.



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