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Minnesota Rokkr: Despite a Tough Loss, They Have a Lot to Feel Good About

Minnesota Rokkr

The Minnesota Rokkr put on quite a show in Los Angeles, winning many matches in style. They defeated the Seattle Surge twice and then stunned the world by knocking out the Atlanta FaZe. This was after it seemed like they were in trouble after Optic Gaming LA swept them 3-0 on Saturday. They were forced to re-up with the Surge in a knockout round on Sunday. Not only did they beat them once again, but they dominated, sweeping them in the process. What was most stunning was their win in the Hardpoint match. It was a route that would open the flood gates for special things to come. It was all just a matter of if they were going to deliver.

A Statement Hardpoint Win

Minnesota Rokkr

That was easily the most dominant win in that mode all season, and it’s going to be hard to top. In shocking fashion, the Rokkr blew out the Surge by a score of 250-117. Not since Launch Weekend has a team allowed less than 150 points. The London Royal Ravens held the New York Subliners to just 148 points in week one. So this was a whole 30 point difference, in what was a historic Hardpoint win. This easily may have cemented them as the Call of Duty League’s best Hardpoint team. In that match, GodRx and Alexxx continue to show that they may be the Rokkr’s Dynamic duo. GodRx dished out 28 kills and died only 16 times while dealing 3,450 damage to the Surge. Alexxx, on the other hand, dropped 24 kills and also only died 16 times. Assault chimed in with a smooth 22 kills and was a master at avoiding hits. He only died 14 times which was the least for anyone on either squad. In the end, every one delivered, and gave them momentum from that point on.

The Revenge Match

Minnesota Rokkr

They say revenge is best served as a cold dish, but in this instance, the plate was red hot. The Rokkr had a chance to take on the FaZe again after losing a heartbreaker to them a couple of weeks ago. It certainly wasn’t easy, as a seesaw battle between the two teams would make for one of the more nail-biting matches of the tournament. After taking the first Hardpoint, they would lose the Search & Destroy and Domination matches. This put their backs against the wall, but someway somehow managed to win the next Hardpoint in what was a thriller. They were down 247-236, where all the FaZe needed were three points. Incredibly, the Rokkr got hot, and took the win, forcing a game five. SiLLY had one of his best games of the season with 29 kills and 23 deaths to lead the team.

This led to another Search & Destroy match, and SnD has been something that they have been unpredictable with. They have improved, but it’s still arguably their weakest area. But, after the heart-pounding Hardpoint, they comfortably took out the FaZe and completed their revenge mission 6-2 in SnD, advancing to the Finals for the first time. Atlanta don’t lose like this often, but the Rokkr have given them two great battles so far. And although the Toronto Ultra are undoubtedly their biggest rival, the Rokkr might have themselves a darn good secondary rivalry with the FaZe. If it’s not classified as one, then it’s simply a must-watch fight every time.

A Map Away from Destiny

Minnesota Rokkr

After their hard-fought battle with Atlanta, the Rokkr would take on the Dallas Empire in the Finals. They had their work cut out for them, as the Empire have arguably the most experienced roster in the league. This is led by superstars CrimSix and Clayster. Quickly, it was looking it was all doom and gloom after a 250-181 loss in Hardpoint and 6-4 SnD defeat. All of sudden, things seemed to swing in the Rokkr’s favor. A 158-149 Domination win would set up a Hardpoint match that would have maybe the wildest ending this year. With a 245-224 lead, all was good in Rokkrville until the unthinkable happened.

Somehow, the Empire made a charge and took a 247-245 lead as nails everywhere were being bitten by fans. A huge kill by Asim on iLLeY would help the Rokkr lock down the win and force yet another map five. That finish in Hardpoint was crazily similar to the second Hardpoint they played against the FaZe. The only difference was that they were trying to hold a lead as to where with the FaZe, they made a comeback. Unfortunately for them, their magic wands would lose their powers, as they would fall to the Empire 6-2 in Search & Destroy. And although it was the end, it was an extraordinary effort. After reaching semis in Atlanta, and making it to the Finals in Los Angeles, the Rokkr continue to prove their elite status. It’s only a matter of time before they reach the chapter of greatness in their CDL story.

Colin Mieczkowski covers the Minnesota Rokkr for The Game Haus and can be followed on Twitter @GhostPandaColin. Also, be sure to follow TGH @TGHEsports for the latest in Call of Duty League action. 

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