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Minnesota Rokkr: A Fun Look at the Team’s Personality Traits

Minnesota Rokkr

The Minnesota Rokkr have had a very good season in the CDL so far. They remain in the top five of the official CDL Point Standings after they reached the Finals in Los Angeles. They went from winning their first series’ on Launch Weekend and reaching the semi-finals in Atlanta to making the finals in LA. From there, one can only imagine what’s next for this red hot squad.

They have some interesting players on the team as well. Each of them with their own unique personalities. So what’s the best way to label each of the Rokkr players? By seeing who’s “laid back”, “unpredictable” or “expressive”. This a nod to another great game that utilizes this trait system, NBA2K. This will be determined by their behaviors during matches, after matches, and off the stage. Combine all of those things to best determine each squad member’s personality.

And by the way, one label is not better than the other by any means, so everything is neutral. It’s simply a fun way to decipher the kind of characters that are on the squad.

Assault – Laid Back

Coming into the CDL, he was one of the more decorated players in Call of Duty, with a Call of Duty World League title and MVP attached to his name. As intimidating as he can be when playing COD, he seems to have a calm demeanor for the most part and it’s really inspiring to see, considering the intensity of the CDL. Assault earns the Laid Back badge for keeping it cool.

SiLLY – Expressive

Minnesota Rokkr

Image via the Minnesota Rokkr Twitter page.

Once labeled as the Rokkr’s “captain” during a CDL broadcast, SiLLY is a leader for the team like his teammate Assault. He carries himself with a smile on many cases and is quite vocal during matches. His communication skills alone help his personality stand out, and he earns the Expressive badge.

Alexx – Focused

A killing machine in the Call of Duty League, Alexxx quietly has risen up as one of the league’s best players. When he’s on the sticks, he’s immensely focused on the task on hand. Even after winning games, he remains chill, getting ready for the next game. In some ways, he’s like a predator hunting its prey. He’s quiet, but attacks ferociously.

Asim – Expressive

Although he is one of the team’s youngest players, he has started to become a vocal leader on and off the stage. After almost every win, he gets hyped and certainly isn’t afraid to express his feelings. Even away from the stage, he makes sure that his voice is heard. If there is a poster of a Rokkr player screaming and flexing at the same time, it’ll probably have Asim on it.

GodRx – Unpredictable

The only unpredictable on the list, the CDL MVP candidate has scorched the league, placing him among the game’s elite early on. Although he seems relatively chill, for the most part, he has shown his fair share of emotion as well. He’ll crack his share of smiles and when he smiles, he has the opponents shaking in their boots. Okay, so maybe his smile isn’t the reason for his disgusting play this season. But, one thing’s for certain; whether he’s expressing himself or staying laser-focused, he’s almost guaranteed to put on a show. His dynamic personality coincides beautifully with his dynamic style of play.

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Featured image, from right to left: GodRx, SiLLY, Assault, Alexxx and Asim

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