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Key Building Blocks for the Huntsmen’s Chemistry

The Huntsmen need to improve their team chemistry. Over the past few weeks, it has been made clear a change needs to be made. With Chicago ultimately plateauing over the past few weeks, where do the Huntsmen go from here? Subsequently this past week Chicago took a few steps to build on their team chemistry. The Huntsmen streamed hours of Warzone together and created a few YouTube videos together.

So Where are we Dropping?

Fans have become accustomed to Scump streaming with FormaL, that is nothing new. This past week, however, fans saw various members of the Huntsmen steaming Warzone together – a refreshing sight to see. Depending on the night of the week it was any particular combination of Scump, FormaL, Envoy and Arcitys. The Warzone scrims happen any time before or after scrims and lasted for hours. The Huntsmen typically put on a show posting high-kill, action-packed games. Through the wins and the laughs, it appears team chemistry is certainly improving with Chicago.

Courtesy of Activision

Watching Chicago stream together night in and night out likely calms the anxiety of many fans. It is also easy to blow things out of proportion. When Arcitys comment from the Trip-Cap got out, fans took to social media to voice their concerns. In such a competitive environment, sometimes things can get lost in translation. Just because Chicago can do a better job interacting outside of the game, does not mean the Huntsmen dislike one another. Arcitys’s comments were him honestly reflecting on the situation. Evidently, Chicago took notice of what Arcitys shed light on and continue to improve interacting outside of official team events.

Consistent Content Sets The Huntsmen up for Success

Chicago continues to keep the organization in the spotlight through its consistent content creating. About a month ago the Huntsmen’s YouTube channel had roughly 20k subscribers and as of today, it is nearing 54k. Chicago are churning out a few videos per week, making it one of if not the most active Call of Duty organization regarding content. This past week the Huntsmen put out three new videos: Celebrity Childhood Photos challenge, Scump’s Warzone tournament highlights and a 3v3 gunfight tournament.

Celebrity Childhood Photos

This video was shot with a few of the Call of Duty pros and a few of the NRG content creators. The full cast included Scump, Hitch, Hecz, General, BigTymeR and MBoze. A straight forward game: a picture of the celebrity as a child is shown and players are left pondering who they are looking at. It was great to see members of all levels of the NRG organization mesh together and create entertaining content. While it is worth noting they had the ability to piece together the best moments of the video, most of the interactions appear genuine and pleasant between Chicago.

3v3 Gunfight Tournament
Courtesy of YouTube

The 3v3 gunfight tournament was extremely entertaining to watch. Envoy, Sender and General participated in this event. The elite squad for the Huntsmen steamrolled their competition in dominating fashion. Their elite gun skill was too much for the competition to take. In the first round, Chicago crushed their opponents and never gave them a chance to build confidence. The team won 6-1 and Sender called it a “free W”. Yet, the second round went even better than the first. The Huntsmen turned cruise control on and won 6-0.

Onto the later stages of the tournament. Chicago likely thought “isn’t the competition supposed to be getting better?”. Another blistering 6-1 victory put the Huntsmen into the finals. The finals did not start like the rest of Chicago’s matches. In the blink of an eye, the Huntsmen were down 2-0. In typical Chicago fashion the muscle memory took over. The Huntsmen took the next six rounds and crowned themselves champions of the 3v3 gunfight tournament.

Next Steps

The Huntsmen have a long road ahead. One week of positive habits cannot completely fix some of the issues that hang over Chicago. They can, however, piece together the building blocks. It takes time to develop habits, but the Huntsmen have tangible actions they can take to compound last week’s results. With most people in Texas too, it is easy to get together for team dinners and in-person events, to the extent possible. All in all, the Huntsmen have a long way to go, but have the skills and tools at their disposal to significantly improve team chemistry.

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