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Is COD Champs Still on?

After many players announcing that they have COVID and with California increasing in COVID cases, will the Call of Duty Championship still happen?

The Call of Duty Championship is new, however, is COD champs still on? This is the question that is constantly being asked as many professionals are beginning to get COVID making teams weary of an open audience type of event where it is available to fans. 

This being after it was announced that the Call of Duty Championship would be held in Los Angeles, California at USC’s (University of Southern California) Galen Center. This event is also being open for fans to come to watch their favorite teams and players at the event. 

Now, this is all in jeopardy as some professionals have recently tested positive for COVID-19. All of this being just weeks before the big event. What is to come for the event is uncertain, but one thing is for sure, it would be a huge blow to the Call of Duty community if it were to be canceled. 

The Players Reaction of the Last Major LAN Event

For the majority of the players, they were very excited to finally see fans again for the first time in two years. That being said, there were also some players that were a little shocked about some of the actions players were making at the major event. 

Two of those people being Seth “Scump” Abner and Matthew “Formal” Piper were some of the few to criticize some of the actions that a couple of professionals were making while they were at the event. 

One action in question was made by the player, Hydra, who, during the event, decided to go in a crowded group of people and sign autographs and take pictures, possibly endangering his teammates right before the Call of Duty Championship. This could have very well led to the eventual announcement that Scump and Envoy had to make when they tested positive for COVID-19. 

Possibilities for Champs After Scares from the Last Event

There are many things that may happen due to the scares previously from the last major event on LAN. One thing that could happen is that there will end up being no fans at the event to ensure the safety of the professional players. 

Another thing that could happen is the date moving back a couple of weeks in order for the professionals to recover from their symptoms. This is to have a safer environment at the event as well for the fans and pro’s to be comfortable. 

The last and final thing that could happen is the entire cancellation of the Call of Duty Championship and make it online instead of on LAN. This, in turn, would have a huge negative effect on the Call of Duty community as a whole. 

Overall, the scares from the last event caused a lot of people within the Call of Duty to think that Champs will be canceled due to professionals getting COVID, possibly from fans even though they all had to be vaccinated. 

To think that the Call of Duty Championship could be canceled is beyond belief. However, in an environment like this, it would not be at all surprising due to the rise of COVID cases due to the new Delta variant. This could mean for a different strive to the future for the league or an end to what they thought to be a revival of it. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

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