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Interview with JSmooth of the Nuke Squad

With the new Warzone season coming around and with a new Call of Duty coming out in a month, many streamers are beginning to try and adapt to the ever-changing game mode. One group that is starting to change the way Warzone is played is FaZe’s Nuke Squad.

The squad consists of four Warzone streamers. The creator of the team consists of juggernaut, Swagg, and his friends JSmooth, Santana, and Booya. 

One Nuke Squad member has helped the team transcend as a team with his wit, personality, and charisma. This being Jordan “JSmooth” Cox. 

Ever since he first started playing Warzone, he has grown a huge following for himself. With joining FaZe in March of this year, it skyrocketed Cox to being one of the biggest up-and-coming Warzone streamers in the game. 

He has since gained a following amassing 152,000 followers on Twitch, 72,000 subscribers on Youtube, 63,000 followers on Instagram, and 51,000 followers on Twitter. Cox is already turning heads as he already is getting top placements in Warzone tournaments with the Nuke Squad. 

The Game Haus’, Chaz Kawamura, was lucky enough to sit down and talk to the up-and-coming Warzone streamer to get a look into the mind of what it is like to be part of the Nuke Squad and also how JSmooth first started out. 

Why the Name JSmooth? 

“I was going to be a mixture on youtube of making content between Call of Duty and NBA2K. One of the big YouTubers, his name was Chris Smoove. So I changed it a little bit, I added the J and changed the spelling. At first, it was actually JSmoothHD, just to be a little different.”

How did streaming start for you? 

“I tried 2K at first, but it didn’t really go well. So I actually started streaming Dragonball Z, a phone MMO game where I started growing and building my community.” 

When you began your journey as a streamer, what are some of the initial challenges you faced? 

“Honestly, the challenges were just growing as a content creator and being consistent. That was probably the biggest thing. I didn’t really care about my numbers, I didn’t really care what I averaged. I just want to have fun and vibe out when people watch me on stream.”

What got you into Call of Duty and not any other esport/game?

“I played Call of Duty: Big Red One and Call of Duty 4. I was just a video game head. So I just played it all the time. I actually started with Halo. I started playing with Swagg around MW3. Call of Duty just became the niche that helped me grow the persona of JSmooth.”

What convinced you to not only join the Nuke Squad but join FaZe as well? 

“The whole Nuke Squad thing came out of thin air. We were just four guys who played all the time. We just tried to do something with our clan tag or regiment name. The dynamic and the vibes were really fun. When Swagg joined FaZe, I was happy for my brother to get that. To also have FaZe come to us and have us join as the Nuke Squad was crazy. FaZe is the greatest esports organization in the world. Every time I explain it to people I call them the LA Lakers of gaming. They’re that massive, they’re that huge. It would be silly not to take the opportunity to change our lives and see where this squad can take us.”

How important is diversity in esports? 

“To educate yourselves and to go beyond what you are used to. Get outside of your communities, make different friends, and hang out with different people. It is cool to learn about where people come from. Information is key. Diversity is huge because we need that in this world because we need to learn how to connect with one another. We need to know and understand our cultures and where people come from. I am glad that Nuke Squad has something like that. I hope people see how we respect, love, and understand where people come from, where we come from.”

Besides any Nuke Squad Member, what streamer do you love playing with and who is the one streamer you would like to play with in the future? 

“Timthetatman, Nickmercs, of course. Those are the creme de la cremes of people. Even Dr. Disrespect. He would be someone that I would love to play with because I don’t believe I played with him yet. Even athletes and musicians. But as far as streamers, it would be Tim or Courage. Courage would probably be the next one. Courage and Tim, if I could play with them more, I feel like we would have a great dynamic. I always loved to play with SuperEvan individually when I started off in Warzone. I am pretty chill with the people I play with. But those are probably the people I enjoy playing with the most.”

Cello and Piano are just some of your hidden talents, do you have a favorite composer?

“My mom made me play the piano, but I actually enjoyed the Cello. I picked it up in elementary school, it was either that or another class. I think it’s a beautiful instrument. I want to actually learn how to play it again. I have played in symphonies before. Any type of symphony that plays Star Wars music, I am with it. Myself, I am more of an R&B and Rap type of soul. In that sense, my favorite artist would be Anthony Hamilton who is one of my favorite R&B singers.” 

If you are not a Warzone streamer, where do you think you would be now? Did you ever have aspirations to go into music?

“I don’t know where God would put me. But hopefully, it is just to keep on inspiring and influencing people of color across different generations. I was coaching basketball and enjoyed it as well. I would probably be doing something in sports like basketball, trying to impact youth or impact players to try and get them to fulfill their goals.”

Are there any further dreams or aspirations that you would like to pursue in the future? Other games you want to dive into? 

“Future for JSmooth and myself, for video games, is playing mostly anything. Outside of streaming, I want to try to be one of those pioneers that try and does everything. I want to try to make my own podcast and try to act. I actually want to try and get into acting. I want to try and touch every avenue and touch every interest that I have. You never know, maybe one day I could be the face you first see when you log into Netflix.” 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Nuke Squad. 

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