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How To Watch Call of Duty Pt. 2: Crunching the Numbers

Call of Duty involves many numbers to analyze and understand throughout each match. Numbers like K/D, hill time, captures and defends all play a huge roll in whether a team wins or loses. For first time viewers, all of this data can be overwhelming while trying to watch the match live. Here is a guide to better understand what all of these numbers really mean and which are the most important.

K/D or Kill to Death Ratio

Kills and deaths are two of the most important stats in competitive Call of Duty. If a team gets more kills than the other, then their chances of winning are much higher. The higher a player’s K/D, the better their overall performance is. The Atlanta Faze excel in this statistic every match. Cellium and Simp each have two of the highest K/Ds in the league and their team dominates nearly every event. However, CDL Los Angeles showed viewers that kills are not the only stat that contributes to a win. The Dallas Empire won the event despite opponents earning more kills than them due to smarter strategy and better objective play.

How To Watch Call of Duty Pt. 2: Crunching the Numbers
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Objective Stats

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has three game modes to choose from and each one has an objective to attack and defend. Each game mode brings a new stat to the table and are very important to a team’s success. Hardpoint introduces the ‘hill time’ statistic which identifies how long a player has been inside the objective for the match. Domination brings the ‘capture’ and ‘defend’ statistic which identifies how many flags a player has captured and how many of their kills have defended a flag. Search and Destroy gives viewers the plant and defuse statistics. Every time a player plants or defuses the bomb, they improve on these statistics. While these stats are not the most glamorous, they are essential for each team to win their matches. While a player may not have the best K/D, they can still contribute to a win by performing well in these categories.


Engagements are not an obvious statistic but are easily one of the most important. An engagement occurs every time a player interacts with an opposing player. A player wins the engagement by killing their opponent or earning an assist. It is very important that players get in as many engagements as they can and win them in any way. Players with a high number of engagements make a huge impact on the map and control most of the outcomes in a given match. Viewers will see commentators discuss engagements from time to time and see just how important they can be to a team’s success.

The Call of Duty League comes with tons of numbers to analyze and understand. However, once a viewer gets a hang of what the numbers really mean, the entire game is a lot easier to watch. Instead of just looking at how many kills a player got, viewers can look at tons of metrics to see how well their favorite player did that weekend.

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