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How the Florida Mutineers Became an SND Team

Mutineers Roster

Coming into this season, the brand new teams have to be certain with how they will be playing, and what game modes they will be focusing on. For example, the Chicago Huntsmen are dominating the respawn game modes, Hardpoint and Domination. On the other side, the Florida Mutineers have chosen to master Search and Destroy.

The Mutineer’s Strategy for SND

In respawn game modes, generally each player sets up their class and then plays that way for the entire duration of the map. However, as for SND, players commonly switch classes and kits in between rounds. The Mutineers take full advantage of this, and add a large diversity to their roster in this game mode.

Frosty on AR

Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom normally mans one of the four MP5s of the Mutineers on Hardpoint. But, on SND, Frosty picks up the AR alongside Chance “Maux” Moncivaez. The most interesting things about Frosty’s use of the M4 is that he runs around the map and plays as if he is using the MP5. Frosty creates this illusion of so many players being all over the map, and it is devastating to teams who don’t know how to respond.

Skyz on Flex

Caesar “Skyz”  also normally uses the MP5 on respawn maps. However, Skyz utilizes a hybrid class that has both the M4 and the MP5. Skyz adjusts his play style throughout the game to help pick up any slack where there is any, or hold an angle to help with a push or defense.

Havok on the Sniper

Normally, Colt “Havok” McLendon’s main weapon is the MP5. However, during some situations, Havok will pull out the sniper and do what needs to be done. Havok tends to take advanced, aggressive positions both on offense and defense to take the opposing team by surprise.


With these players making different weapon adjustments, in addition to Maux maintaining the AR and former champion Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson sticking to the SMG, the Mutineers have proven to be a dominant force already in SND. In their first match of the season, the Florida Mutineers clean sweeped the Seattle Surge 6-0 to clutch a win.

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