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Get to Know FaZe1 Hopeful: Omar “Ohmizy” Sheikh Jabr

With the FaZe1 challenge already in full effect, and many names being announced already to make the Top 100 in the challenge. There are many streamers and gamers alike that are hoping to get their name called. One of which is set to take the world on if nominated as it is a true underdog story. Here, in this profile, we get to know FaZe1 hopeful: Omar “Ohmizy” Sheikh Jabr. 


Jabr is a 21-year-old from Los Angeles, California. He is of Arabian, French, African American, and Mexican descent. He speaks three languages, those being Arabic, English, and Spanish. Other than gaming, he also, on occasion, models as well. 

With all that in mind, it is hard to think about how this all started. With only $6000 in his pocket, he decided to invest in his future and spend that money on equipment to pursue his passion. Growing up, he did have it rough. A lot of his friends that he met along the way in his neighborhood were affiliated with gangs. Fortunately, he took a separate route and decided to play basketball. 

His first love was basketball, to begin with. He loved playing basketball as he aspired to be in the NBA. However, he felt as though maybe basketball was not the thing that he should pursue. He then decided to turn to his second love, gaming. Gaming is something he always enjoyed as a child and even more now. It is something that he felt as though he could pursue to make it a career. He decided to then pursue his dream of joining FaZe Clan. He made his submission which even FaZe Mew noticed. 

With all that said, I had the privilege to get to know Ohmizy, as he is known now as, a bit more in a quick one-on-one Q&A with the young FaZe1 hopeful. 

Why the Name Ohmizy?

“The name Ohmizy. It’s a funny story because I have been bouncing around a lot of names and I was really looking for one that was catchy and simple. Something that really represented me. I have gone through a couple of names until one day, I was chilling with some of my homies. One of my homies, when I came through the door, he was just like ‘yo, whats up Ohmizy!?’, and then it clicked and stayed like that ever since.” 

What got you into playing Call of Duty?

“Just being a kid, when I was 8, 9, or 10 years old. All of my homies and everyone around me was playing Call of Duty. It was just so hype at the time. I was a gamer and always been a gamer since I was 4 years old. Of course, Call of Duty was just one of those games that you just had to play and had to get your hands on. My love just kept growing. It started with the campaign, then multiplayer, then zombies. Hopping in with my Xbox Live friends and creating memories. It just grew to watching esports and competitive play and the rest is history.”

What got you into creating content?

My true passion and my first love was basketball. I had dreams about going into the NBA. I have gone through a lot of obstacles and made a lot of sacrifices. And one day, I had a deep conversation with myself and started getting into what I love about basketball. That’s when I realized it just wasn’t for me as I am more of an independent person. This also got me into boxing and martial arts, where you can’t blame anybody else but yourself. I moved on from that passion and asked myself, ‘what is something I can do for hours and hours and make a living out of?’. To me, that was gaming. I was always creative and was always a person who loved to tell a story to make memories and connect with people.”

What made you want to join FaZe?

“FaZe is what put gaming on the map. I don’t think you can take that away from them. If you think about gaming, you think about FaZe. It takes you back a lot. I remember for the first time, watching sniping montages, 360s, Y-Y’s, all those crazy things. It is really what inspired my love for FaZe. It was eye-catching. They got their hands in everything now. You love to see it.” 

Who are some current FaZe members you would like to play with and why?

“Jev, FaZe Jev. That guy is hilarious. I love the rage, I love the passion, I love the emotion that he has. I just feel like it would be a blast. We would have good laughs and we would make some great content together. 

“My second person would be big Pamaj. I respect him. He’s such a cool and chill guy, plus the boy is just filthy. He’s nice. I have been following him forever. OpTic, FaZe, I am a huge fan. He is definitely one of the reasons why I wanted to do my sniping montage. Pamaj is a person I look up to.”

Who (non-FaZe member) has influenced you the most? 

“Kobe Bryant and XXXtentacion. Their messages, as a whole, with the Mamba mentality and with X. If you listen to what X is actually saying, it’s a positive message. I feel like if you really dive into his music, you will see. But, those to people I love. It is a really deep and sentimental thing for me.”

What does the phrase, “FaZe Up”, mean to you?

“The phrase FaZe up means ‘game up’ to me. It means get ready or get your gear. It’s like somebody saying ‘it’s game time’. We are about to make this happen, about to make memories, whether it is competitive play or whatever it is, that’s what it means to me.”

The first thing I will do if and when I join FaZe is what?

“It is just one of those moments where I can’t speak until it happens. If I had to make a prediction, I would probably break down and cry. Go to the floor. I would probably have very few words. It is just one of those things. It is gonna be a ton of happiness and a ton of screaming. I would just be really thankful and really grateful.”

With the top 100 of the FaZe1 challenge about to be announced, Ohmizy as well as thousands of others will be waiting for their name to be called. For Ohmizy, however, it will mean that much more, if and when his name is called. 

Featured Image Courtesy of Omar “Ohmizy” Sheikh Jabr

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