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GameBattles Integration is here!

Great news for all of the competitive Call of Duty players out there: Infinity Ward has rolled out a new feature in the form of GameBattles integration in Infinite Warfare multiplayer. This integration is still in its beta form but has a lot of great features already. Players can link their GameBattles account to their XBOX Live or Playstation Network account and join the “In-Game Beta Ladder” to get started.

This special ladder has anything from 1v1 to 6v6 games available. Create a game or join one already made and load up the match. The GameBattles option is now available under the multiplayer option in-game. Your next upcoming match will show up right on the screen. Just join the lobby and ready up. The game settings will automatically be set up for you based on the match settings from GameBattles. No need to worry about hosts either, because this new feature runs on dedicated servers.

Match reporting and results will all be sent to GameBattles through this new mode. Infinity Ward does recommend screen captures and video proof as back up since the mode is still fresh and in its beta form, so things will not always be guaranteed to be working 100%.

For those of you who are visual learners, the video below from MLG explains the feature step by step.



The integration of GameBattles is a massive addition for the competitive Call of Duty community. Especially because this year pro players are now required to earn pro points through running GameBattles matches. These points can also be earned by any amateur players trying to work their way into the pro circuit.

All game results will be automatically reported to GameBattles, which ensures less cheating or manipulation. The fact that the games are set up automatically ensures that the games are properly set up with minimal errors. New players will be able to hop right into running matches and get the feel for playing with the settings that the pros play with. 

Infinity Ward obviously cares about the competitive community and it shows with the addition of this feature. Gamebattles, along with the streams being able to be watched directly from in the game, shows Infinity Ward wants its players to check out the competitive side of Call of Duty.

Will you be using this feature to get together with your friends and play against some of the best this game has to offer? Let all of the #HausMates know what your plans are for this amazing new feature.

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