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Florida Mutineers: Week 3 Review

The Florida Mutineers, mistakes aside, had a fantastic showing this past weekend in CDL Atlanta. The Mutineers found a second place placement at the Atlanta event, after finding themselves in the lower bracket to begin the tournament. Nonetheless, there is a lot of gameplay to review from the Mutineers this week.

Reviewing Week 3

London Royal Ravens (3-2)

The Mutineers didn’t have the best showing on these maps. They were straight-up dominated in every single map except for domination. Florida was beaten by over 100 points in both bouts of Hardpoint against London, and their SND showing was poor against London.

One of the biggest things to take away from this match is the lack of challenge that the Mutineers put up against London. The Ravens were taking away scrap time from the Mutineers like it was candy from a baby. The Mutineers were simply being out fragged, out rotated, out gunned, and overall outplayed

Player of the Game: Bradly “wuskin” Marshall

There is no doubt that wuskin should be the player of the game. wuskin went double positive in both Hardpoint maps. Even though he struggled in SND accruing only three kills, it was inconsequential in regards to the overall scheme of the match.

OpTic Gaming LA (0-3)

optic gaming
optic gaming

This was a relatively easy win for the Mutineers. OpTic did show their ability to have a strong Hardpoint performance, but really it was more telling of how weak the Mutineer’s performance on Hardpoint had been up to that point. Regardless Jordan “JKap” Kaplan had a fantastic game, going double positive in the first map.

One interesting thing to note is in Domination, the game had a little bit of a mishap when determining who actually won the map. The map came down to literally the final seconds, and was differentiated by only a single point. However, the game stated that the map actually ended in a draw. After an extensive official review, the Mutineers got credit for the map.

Player of the Game: Colt “Havok” McLendon

Havok dropped 11 kills in SND and then a 40 bomb in the final round of Hardpoint to wrap up the series. Havok, even though the Mutineers were struggling with Hardpoint to this point, has figured out how to flip spawns and get good rotations in and lead the team to strong Hardpoint performances.

London Royal Ravens (4-3)

The Mutineers for some reason decided to begin their championship run here against London. Florida started out the series with a nearly 100 point victory on St. Petrograd in Hardpoint. They struggled a bit in SND, only getting one round. The Mutineers came back in domination, with a pretty strong performance against London.

Florida fell in the next Hardpoint, but still, put up a convincing performance. However, the Mutineers pulled it back together in the end with the final SND map. Specifically, Cesar “Skyz” Bueno had a great performance with 14 kills. Even though he isn’t quite player of the game, it is imperative to note Skyz’s insanely consistent performance throughout all of the maps.

Player of the Game: Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson

Something must’ve switched in Prestinni’s brain when it came to the upcoming rematch against London. He returned to championship form this match and outslayed every single player. He dropped nine kills in the first SND map over seven rounds even though they lost that round. Prestinni, in the first Hardpoint map, went on a 13 killing spree to close out the map.

Chicago Huntsmen (8-0)

Courtesy of the Chicago Huntsmen

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that if the Mutineers were to pull this one out of the bag, there would need to be a miracle on that stage. The Mutineers lost the first two maps. However, what is most important to note is the margin of defeat. The Mutineers only lost the first Hardpoint by nine points. They lost SND by two rounds. For a top-two team, it is more than reasonable to expect the Huntsmen to be blowing the Mutineers out of the water.

In Domination, Flordia began to piece together an incredible reverse sweep. The Mutineers took Domination away from the Huntsmen by a very convincing margin of 46 points. After that, the Mutineers made light work of the Huntsmen in Hardpoint on Hackney Yard with over 70 points margin for the win. After that, the Huntsmen fell again to the Mutineers in a 2-6 loss.

Player of the Game: Cesar “Skyz” Bueno

There is no doubt that Skyz should be player of the game here. Skyz maintained an absurdly consistent pace against the Huntsmen. He remained positive in most maps, and kept up in the slaying department, allowing for the Mutineers to work the map.

Atlanta FaZe (5-0)Atlanta FaZe

The Atlanta FaZe finally put a stop to the Mutineers in the Grand Final of CDL Atlanta. FaZe dominated the Mutineers in Hardpoint, taking the victory by over 110 points. Still, FaZe saw some resistance from the Mutineers in terms of SND and Domination.

The Mutineers put up four rounds in SND even with Preston “Priestahh” Greiner being a huge thorn in their side for the duration of that map. Commonly the Mutineers had to dedicate two players to the flank to ensure their safety. In Domination, the Mutineers put up a strong performance against the FaZe. Skyz still figured out a way to put up a positive K/D against FaZe. The Mutineers only lost by 11 points, so it was a convincing performance.

Player of the Game: Preston “Priestahh” Greiner

There is a real situation that if Priestahh isn’t as successful as he was on the flank during SND, the Mutineers win that map and carry the momentum through Domination and take a map lead over FaZe. Priestahh had a fantastic performance in both Hardpoint and SND. He is an integral part of FaZe and their dominance this season.


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