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Florida Mutineers Announce Watch Party for Inaugural Week

Do you want to watch the Mutineers inaugural weekend, alongside other fans? Then the Mutineers have exactly what you need.

The Details of the Watch Party

The first match is in less than a week, and the hype is growing by the day. For those who are going to Minnesota to watch, they have their plans set. However, for those people who are watching from home, the most likely scenario will be at home watching on Twitch, maybe in Discord with some friends. However, if one is in South Florida, they don’t need to watch your home team play with other fans. That’s right, the Mutineers are hosting a watch party of the the team as they face the Los Angeles Guerrillas on January 25th. Florida have made a home at TopGolf in Miami.

The Mutineers are making sure to take care of their fans as well. By RSVPing early fans can get a free t-shirt and even free food. Additionally, past that, gaming set ups will be up for fans to presumably to get some playtime in on Modern Warfare. Also, to add to all other benefits of getting to hang out with Mutineers staff and other Mutineers fans, there is free tee time at TopGolf.

Looking Towards the Future

Now, I have reached out to the Mutineers twitter asking if there will be more watch parties in the future. There hasn’t been a response, but it would be incredible to see future watch parties to grow a following for the team. The Mutineers are set to host the CDL April 11th in Orlando. Afterwards, the Mutineers are bringing it down south to Miami July 25th. Hopefully, if the Mutineers can host more watch parties and grow bonds between the team and the fans, and between the fans themselves, there will be a strong base for the team through the season. Additionally, as the Mutineers grow in strength over this season, the Split 2 Miami tournament should be full of hype.


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