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First COD LAN Event in Months Could be the Start of Something New

Players like Ian “Crimsix” Porter and Sam “Octane” Larew showed their true form in the Call of Duty League’s most recent LAN event.

It finally happened, as many in the Call of Duty community would put it. LAN(Land Area Network) events are finally back for the Call of Duty League after last weekend’s major for stage 4. For many teams, it was the same old type of play and it’s just different because the pros are playing in person. For some, however, this first LAN event could be the start of something new. 

Many teams like the Seattle Surge and Dallas Empire showed a lot of improvement as online play comes to a close, for the time being. While others like the Paris Legion and London Royal Ravens showed a lot of the same type of gameplay each team has had on LAN which adds up to many losses. 

While many of the teams were changing, a lot of things within the league also changed as well. One being the setups for each player and also the codcasters as well as reporters. One major flaw that was seen by the Call of Duty community was the fact that the codcasters were not actually present at the venue where the LAN major was held. Which raised a lot of questions if there will ever be a time where they are present along with fans. 

Improvements by the CDL’s Worst Team

For the Seattle Surge, it has been a rough season, but after the conclusion of this past major, it could be the restart that the Surge desperately needed. The Surge had a great showing finishing in the top 8 for the first time since the second major of this season. 

This was due to the brilliant performance Sam “Octane” Larew made on the grand stage as he allotted for a positive K/D (Kill/death ratio) in all three game modes, showing why he is considered one of the best Assault Rifle players in the league. 

After beating London and Paris in the losers bracket handily, they then had to face the most talked about team in Call of Duty, OpTic Chicago. In the match, Octane put on a brilliant display of gun skill. However, the Submachine Gun players of OpTic, Seth “Scump” Abner and Dylan “Envoy” Hannon, proved to be very influential in how the majority of the maps went. 

Dallas Empire and Crimsix in Final Form?

The Dallas Empire had the most impressive of the runs in the tournament out of all teams as Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro and Ian “Crimsix” Porter reached their final form as Shotzzy looked like the Player of the Season this recent major while Crimsix finally showed how he is the greatest Call of Duty player of all time. 

With winning against OpTic twice and winning against the hot team of the Toronto Ultra while also going to a final map in the finals against the unbeatable, Atlanta FaZe. The Empire is back in the form they were once was a season ago, in which they won the World Championship. 

With teams like Dallas and Seattle improving, the next stage could be a cause for chaos as many teams will be playing for the second seed as there are three teams within 40 points of each other in the top five. However, there is still yet to be a team to triumph over FaZe during the past two stages as the team is truly looking unbeatable as Chris “Simp” Lehr and Tyler “AbeZy” Pharris are looking in peak form as they are literally the number one and two of the top players in the league. All teams are in contention to be the top 8 teams to make it to COD Champs, which is all the more reason this first LAN event could be the start of something new for many teams. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

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