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FaZe Continue Their Search and Destroy Dominance

FaZe Continue Their Search and Destroy Dominance

Search and Destroy is an integral part of competitive Call of Duty. The game mode appears twice in a Best of Five series, first in map two and then in map five. It is one of the harder modes to master and can be performed in a variety of ways. Here is a look at how Atlanta FaZe continue their Search and Destroy dominance.

FaZe Continue Their Search and Destroy Dominance

FaZe are one of the few teams, if not the only team, to have mastered the art of Search and Destroy. When Atlanta are clicking on all cylinders, no CDL team is beating them. Their speed and aggression make it nearly impossible to counter, and with all-star players like Chris “Simp” Lehr and McArthur “Cellium” Jovel on a tear, teams are scrambling to match the talent this roster possesses. So what makes FaZe so good at Search and Destroy?

    • First Bloods 

      If it’s not coming from Simp’s sniper, it’s likely at the hands of Tyler “aBezy” Pharris. First bloods significantly raise a team’s odds of winning the round for obvious reasons. It also helps that every single player on Faze is a god on the sticks, but for the sake of the casual players, get those first bloods.

    • Map Position 

      Maintain map control. Where the bomb is planted and what bombsite it is planted at are all map positions. When FaZe go into a bomb site, they have already scoped it out, picked off a few players and, made sure that whoever is planting the bomb will get it down. Sometimes they’re wrong, sometimes it’s the Call of Duty timing, but that’s what makes the matches exciting.

    • Communication 

      Is bomb down? A push? Mid push? Have a plan and stick to it. It is unlikely that FaZe will go into a round with no plan in place. It is essential to be aware of the bomb’s position and map surroundings at all times. Hold or wrap to power positions that overlook bomb and always call out enemies.

FaZe Continue Their Search and Destroy Dominance

Photo Courtesy of Atlanta Faze

Offensive Side

On offense, a team has two choices – plant the bomb or go for kills. Securing kills before the bomb is down will improve the offensive team’s odds at a round win significantly as long as trades don’t come through, and the bomb is planted.

When planting the bomb, plant it in a position that can be scouted from a distance or can be seen from a protected angle. The last thing the offensive team needs is for the bomb to be planted away from a line of sight, especially if the last person alive is in no position to defend the bomb. And, only plant the bomb if teammates are near the site or if everyone else is dead and time is running out.

It takes 7.5 seconds to plant and 5 seconds to diffuse. Staying alive once the bomb has been planted is crucial. When the offensive team has the bomb down, they are now in a power position. Rarely will defensive teams hop bomb right away to ninja diffuse, and if they do, offensive players should be in a position for an easy kill.

FaZe Continue Their Search and Destroy Dominance
Photo Courtesy of Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Defensive Side

Work each bomb site. If the enemy isn’t stacked on the A bombsite, chances are, they are wrapping to the B bombsite and vice versa. The offensive side has improved odds at securing a round win because they control when and where the bomb is planted. The best chance at a round win on a defensive side is to stay put at a single bomb site.

Don’t run around the map. A player should hide their position for as long as possible and choose kills wisely. Play the clock and don’t shoot if there is no shot (sounds obvious, but it happens more often than not). Time is not on the side of the offensive team, so as long as defense stays alive, the offense is going to have to plant the bomb one way or another.

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Featured photo via the Call of Duty League

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