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Early CDL 2022 Power Rankings

CDL 2022 Power Rankings

The Call of Duty Vanguard season is well underway for the Call of Duty League. This is the case as the first few weeks of tournaments are in the books. In turn, although early, it shows who are the top tier teams and who are the bottom tier teams. Here are the early CDL 2022 Power Rankings. 

1. Atlanta FaZe 

FaZe are still the team to beat in these CDL 2022 Power Rankings. This is the case as they have an average placing of 2.4 in nine tournaments they have played. Also, out of those nine tournaments, they have placed first in five of those. With Simp and AbeZy playing their best and Arcitys and Cellium holding the line with the AR’s, this team looks unbeatable. 

2. Los Angeles Thieves

The Thieves currently have an average placing of 2 in three tournaments. Although unproven for the most part, they are looking great as they have beaten both FaZe and OpTic. The addition of Envoy and Octane is proving to be something that LAT needed to be able to be a top-tier team. Which is what they look like right now. 

3. OpTic Texas

OpTic have an average placing of 3.5 in four tournaments with one win under their belt. They have great showings forcing game fives against FaZe along with dominating performances against the bottom teams. The merge of both Dashy, Scump, iLLey, and Shotzzy is proving to be a major upgrade.

4. Toronto Ultra

This team seemed like the team to beat along with FaZe. They have an average placement of 6.3. However, after the first couple of tournaments, other teams seemed to have found their way to beat the Ultra. Even though the Ultra did get a tourney win, this team is still trying to find their form back. Insight and Cammy are still playing great, but will Bance and Cleanx step up?

5. Minnesota Rokkr

The Rokkr are looking great. They have an average placing of 4.71. The team looks very competitive and are just a couple of placements away from being in the top three or four. With Standy getting used to a World War game and Attach playing at his best, this could be a great season for them.

6. New York Subliners

New York is looking to be where they were last season. Their average placing is 5.91. Crimsix and Clayster are leading the team with their leadership roles while Hydra and Neptune are continuing to come into their own. 

7. Los Angeles Guerillas

The team has an average placing of 5.89. Slasher and Gunless are playing well, but not to their potential. While on the other had, Huke and Asim are playing their best. If the AR players play better, could this be the LAG’s year?

8. Seattle Surge

The average placing for this team is 6.875 in eight tournaments. This team, by far, could be the most surprising team of all teams in the CDL. With the young talents in Sib and Pred with Mack and Accuracy leading, this team might actually turn some heads. This being the case as they already got a win over FaZe and other big teams in the league. 

9. Florida Mutineers

Unfortunately, the Mutineers are in this place by default as the other teams below are not as great. This team’s average placing is 6.25 with no top-three finishes. Cesar SKYZ and Davpadie are leading this team as he is having a good year of Call of Duty so far. However, this team still needs to find themselves in order to be able to be competitive this season.

10. New Team 

Whoever this new team is of Methodz, TJHaly, Paulex and Venxm, they look good as a young and veteran like team. The only problem for them is that they are still unproven. They have an average placement of 6 currently. However, once it is announced, could this new team make a great first year run for their franchise?

11. Paris Legion

This team seems like they are pretty much the same as last season. With an average placement of 5.6, Temp and the squad are showing a lot of improvement. However, again, with the bottom tier teams, they are still unproven as they only played in three tournaments. 

12. London Royal Ravens

This is, by far, the most unproven team in the league as they only played one NA tournament with a placement of 5th. They are highly competitive in the EU as they have already won a tournament there. However, they need a boost if Afro in the squad want to shock the Call of Duty world. 

Overall, this season is looking to be the most competitive season in the CDL era. With teams fool of young talent and veterans, this could mean a great year for Call of Duty and the Call of Duty League. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

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