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Content or Competitive?

It is a never ending battle and hard choice as Call of Duty professionals have to choose between content and competition.

For years, esport athletes, specifically Call of Duty professionals, have had a hard time choosing between content and competitive aspects in their everyday lifestyle within gaming. This, in turn, grows a lot of questions for them due to the decision that needs to be made. 

Call of Duty professionals like Seth “Scump” Abner and Sam “Octane” Larew are having the hard choice of focusing on content or competition. They also have to choose if they want to sacrifice by doing both at the same time and choosing if they want to have little time for their real lives like their social lives outside of gaming. 

There is a two-way street when it comes to growing yourself in your competitiveness and growing yourself when it comes to content to help grow your social media following and also revenue you take in. There is a very hard choice that needs to be made for such a player, a choice that could help their future. 

Focus on Competitive

Many players decide to focus on competition more than making content. The reason for this is to increase their skill and focus on their gameplay to better themselves and their teams competitively.  Players like Chris “Simp” Lehr is one of those players that focus on their gameplay which could be the reason why his team, Atlanta Faze, is in the number one spot in the Call of Duty League. 

This could really be the move to make for lower-tier teams to focus on their competitive gameplay instead of their content in order to help themselves and their team play at the best of their abilities. 

In particular, teams like the Dallas Empire have recently been showing how good they really are as they toned down the content side of things and showed great improvement. This is in the same light as the New York Subliners are not playing as well due to their increase in focus on content. 

Focus on Content

Many teams in the Call of Duty League feel as though they need to focus on contact as well in order to increase their popularity. This is the case for teams such as Optic, who focus on their contact in order to grow their brand as a whole. 

However, this could lead to a drop in gameplay from their professional teams as some of their focus is now on content at the same time they should be focused on gameplay. This could affect their gameplay in a negative way as the team is not playing as much. 

Overall, this could be a great thing for the call of duty league in the club duty community. Because it could increase the popularity of call of duty and the esport as a whole. Which can bring positive changes to the league and Call of Duty as a game as it is bringing a huge light to the scene. 

Content and Competitive? 

The question is clear. However, there is a way you can balance both at the same time in order to both grow your brand and grow your play at the same time. Although very hard, proven by what Optic has to go through, if successful, it could shed light on your brand as well as your players which is good for Call of Duty and its community leading to growth in the future. 

Featured Image Courtesy of Optic Chicago

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