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College Call of Duty: Preseason Power Rankings

College Call of Duty

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has been the most diverse title for the COD franchise in regards to competitive gameplay. For a game as team-oriented as Black Ops 4, it comes as no surprise that teams search for ways to improve their game before the start of the regular season. Some teams have separated from the pack while others rush to fix their mistakes.

From Search and Destroy knowledge to respawn prowess, the best of the College Call of Duty League have made their way to the top of the CCL power rankings. These university teams have put themselves in prime positions to succeed in the coming season. The rankings were chosen by both CCL players and staff members.

“I believe that the teams are separating themselves into pairs at the top of the rankings: Grossmont Community College, Ohio State University, Butler University, University of Toronto, Liberty University, and Ole Miss RED. These are the unanimous top 6 teams so far. After that, the teams are close and this could be attributed to not many having games on film. The team to watch out: Eastern New Mexico University. They were forfeited in the first round of the first 2k, however, played GCC tough in their R2 matchup. Not a lot of people have taken notice of this team and I think they will be a threat to some upper tier teams.”

Jared | CCL Heat

College Call of Duty Power Rankings:

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
OSU Esports

1. Ohio State University

Previous ranking: 1

Ohio State University takes number one in the College Call of Duty Power Rankings heading into Season One. Their knowledge of Search and Destroy followed by two consecutive final appearances in preseason 2Ks meant that they were a clear favorite to be the number one seed. Their respawn was exposed by Grossmont Community College in the second 2K final which means there are still things that can be improved.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
GCC Athletics

2. Grossmont Community College

Previous ranking: 2

Grossmont Community College came into Season One as newcomers. They managed to gain experience throughout Season Zero practicing against the tournament participants. Their team communication and respawn performances has propelled them all the way to second. They ended up defeating Ohio State in the finals of the second 2K tournament 3-1.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
UofT Esports

3. University of Toronto

Previous ranking: 3

The University of Toronto is seen as a potential title challenger heading into Season One. A rough start to the preseason, getting knocked out by eventual finalists Butler early in the bracket, allowed teams to catch up. They will look to cement their spot at the top with the start of the regular season.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
Butler Esports

4. Butler University

Previous ranking: 4

Surprise team Butler University came and shocked the CCL Community by reaching the first preseason 2K final, bringing down teams such as the University of Toronto and Ole Miss Red. Their run proved to the CCL community that this team came to play. They will be aiming to leap over the teams above them throughout the regular season.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
LU Esports

5. Liberty University

Previous ranking: 5

Liberty came into the CCL with a lot of exciting potential. An incredible series against Ole Miss Red marked their start of the season, and a semi-final appearance in the second 2K proved that improvements were being made. This team is still figuring out their winning formula, but once it is all done, they will be title contenders.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
Ole Miss Esports

6. University of Mississippi Red

Previous ranking: 6

Ole Miss Red came into the season with a great core following Season Zero. Three out of the four players from the exciting CCL Red are now representing Ole Miss Red. With a strong preseason in preparation for the regular season, the University of Mississippi Red will challenge the teams above.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
MSU Esports

7. Mississippi State University Maroon

Previous ranking: 7

Mississippi State Maroon is a CCL underdog who is looking to work their way up the ranks. They are the first team in what is now a very tight group of teams who could all improve for the regular season. They are still working on bringing the pieces together, but if they do, they may be able to move up the ranks.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
Ole Miss Esports

8. University of Mississippi White

Previous ranking: 8

The second team from the University of Mississippi, Ole Miss White, will be looking to match and surpass Ole Miss Red. There is still work to do for the second team, but with experience and guidance from Ole Miss Red, they can develop into a strong team.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
SC Esports

9. University of South Carolina

Previous ranking: 9

A newcomer into the CCL, South Carolina looks to prove that their performance against Lafayette and a map victory against Grossmont were not flukes.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
SPU Esports

10. Saint Peter’s University

Previous ranking: 10

Another newcomer for season one, Saint Peter’s began their season with an underdog victory against Ole Miss White. They will look to slowly climb up the ranks as the season progresses.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
Abilene Athletics

11. Abilene Christian University

Previous ranking: 11

Abilene Christian University comes into the CCL as another newcomer with great potential. An astonishing 6-1 drubbing of Liberty University in Search and Destroy gave us an insight into how well the team plays the game mode. With a clear opportunity of climbing up the ranks, the exciting newcomers will look for consistency and respawn improvement.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
ECU Athletics

12. East Carolina University

Previous ranking: 12

A CCL veteran, East Carolina University will look to quickly climb up the ranks for season one. They will have a lot of time to work and improve. ECU will get a lot of quality practice which will help propel them over teams currently above them.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
UUtah Esports

13. University of Utah

Previous ranking: 13

The University of Utah will be looking to establish themselves as a consistent competitor in the College Call of Duty League. A tough start the preseason has ranked them below similar teams, but they will look to improve on these results.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
Ole Miss Esports

14. University of Mississippi Blue

Previous ranking: 14

The third team from the University of Mississippi, Ole Miss Blue is still looking to find the pieces needed for success. A good performance against Utah was promising, but there is still room for improvement.

College Call of Duty Power Rankings
ENMU Athletics

15. Eastern New Mexico University

Previous ranking: 15

The final team to round up the top 15, ENMU will look to prove themselves once the regular season begins.

Author Power Rankings:

  1. Ohio State University
  2. Grossmont Community College
  3. Butler University
  4. University of Mississippi Red
  5. Liberty University
  6. University of Toronto
  7. Mississippi State University Maroon
  8. Saint Peter’s University
  9. Abilene Christian University
  10. East Carolina University
  11. University of South Carolina
  12. University of Mississippi White
  13. Eastern New Mexico University
  14. University of Mississippi Blue
  15. University of Utah


The College Call of Duty regular season will begin on January 21st, 2019. All series will be best of 5 matches following COD World League rule-set. Tune in LIVE at the College COD Twitch.

CCL Season One general information, rules, brackets, participants and results can be all found on College COD Esportspedia. You may follow College Call of Duty on Discord and Twitter.


Featured Image courtesy of College Call of Duty

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