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College Call of Duty: Ole Miss Building from Scratch

Ole Miss Call of Duty

The University of Mississippi, better known as Ole Miss, is one of the main competitors in the College Call of Duty league. The Call of Duty esports organization in the University of Mississippi was created by its current captain, Sergio “Im_Physix” Brack. The CCL veteran and all-star from CCL Red is now leading Ole Miss Red, who are considered a title contender for CCL Season One. The team placed 6th in the Preseason Power Rankings.  More than just competing, they have developed a community within the College Call of Duty League. Starting from scratch, Im_Physix did not have a team, and the CCL had not been established. Furthermore, they lacked any initial backing from the predominant PC esports organization.

At its core, the Ole Miss Call of Duty organization has now created three teams of talented collegiate gamers. Ole Miss Red, White and Blue are all ready to participate in the CCL Season One league.

Early Beginnings

The team began its expansion with the addition of Brennan “Blackhawk” Hill, but Call of Duty still lacked a Collegiate esports league. Jaden “Jbyrd” Shaw (Current CEO and founder of College Call of Duty) and Physix began communications to establish the first Collegiate Call of Duty tournament. This marked the start of the College Call of Duty League Season Zero.

Recruitment was stagnant at first, but through pure determination, the league began to see good progression. Many of the new staff members and league participants came from the help provided by Physix. Now that a league was in the works, it was time to finalize the first Ole Miss Call of Duty team.

College COD Season Zero- CCL RedCollege Call of Duty

There were two spots missing for the team to be complete. Call of Duty World War II had dropped in popularity, and it became worrisome that there would be a lack of interest to compete. While on Reddit, Darshan “Toonie2k” Nauth (current captain of University of Toronto Call of Duty) contacted over the availability of a spot. With Toonie2k now on board, Physix began hanging fliers around the University of Mississippi and within a week managed to gain enough attention to try out several players. A standout player from the tryouts was Will “TheWakeJumper” Primos, who joined as the fourth for the majority of CCL Season Zero.

The team quickly became a fan favorite, and soon Samuel “MenSamuel” Hall joined the team. He replaced TheWakeJumper for the remainder of the season due to problems with the schedule.

The team placed 3rd, losing out to eventual winners Georgia Southern University in the Loser’s Finals. It was a disappointing result, but the team looked forward to Black Ops 4 and 5v5.

Im_Physix with the 1v3 vs Georgia Southern University

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and CCL Season One

With Toonie2k creating the University of Toronto Call of Duty team, it was time for further recruitment. As recruitment grew, two members from the neighboring Northeast Mississippi Community College contacted to learn more about the CCL. These were Austin “Kariz” Caldwell and Austin “Awstun” Garrett. After rigorous tryouts for a week with all participants, the Ole Miss COD organization was able to create three teams. DrewTyler (Previous captain of Ole Miss White) was then picked up by Ole Miss Red after the two members from Northeast Mississippi Community College decided to split ways with the team. Ole Miss Red was ranked 6th in the preseason power rankings, Ole Miss White was ranked 8th and finally, Ole Miss Blue 14th. All of these teams will look to improve during the regular season.

JBob, previously a star player in Ole Miss Overwatch, has now made the switch to Call of Duty and is the current captain of Ole Miss Blue.

Ole Miss Call of Duty

“I think our biggest goal is to fulfill what we didn’t do in Season Zero. We were the underdog team that people wanted to root for, but we didn’t finish the job. This year we plan to shut all of our doubters up. More importantly, we want to show our esports org why the Call of Duty team is and always will be the best team we have in our arsenal.” 

-Sergio “Im_Physix” Brack

Ole Miss Red Final Lineup-

  • Im_Physix
  • Blackhawk
  • MenSamuel
  • DrewTyler
  • TheWakeJumper

You can follow the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) COD teams on Twitter, Twitch, and the College Call of Duty regular season. Tune in LIVE at the College COD Twitch.

CCL Season One general information, rules, brackets, participants and results can be all found on College COD EsportspediaYou may follow College Call of Duty on Discord and Twitter.

Featured Image courtesy of Ole Miss Esports Esports

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