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College Call of Duty: Northeast Region

The College Call of Duty League kicks off on January 21st. Here is a breakdown of the Northeast Division for the regular season. This division is a very interesting one as it is filled with a flurry of debutants for Season One. Five of the eight teams have not seen action throughout the preseason and instead worked on finalizing their rosters.

Northeast Region

BIGGEST STORYLINE: Can the two favorites in the division go through as the top two seeds?

The Northeast division has two clear favorites. The University of Toronto and Liberty University Navy come into the division both being ranked in the Top 7 teams by the Second Preseason Power Ranking votes. They are expected to cruise in the division and qualify as the top two seeds. The only other team in the division to make the Top-15 was Humber College. Humber did not participate in any of the three pre-season 2K tournaments but did enough in unofficial matches to impress the voters. What makes this division so interesting is the fact that there are so many new teams and so little to go off from. Every team can cause upsets if the favorite is not careful.

College Call of Duty Northeast Division

Three teams from the Northeast Region will be playing in the Week 1 Notable Matches. First, we have two exciting newcomers in the Northeast Division, Rutgers University at Rochester Institute of Technology Black. This match takes two institutions that have growing esport programs and puts them head-to-head in their new Call of Duty divisions.

The second match will be a divisional crossover where Liberty University Navy will play at University of Utah. Liberty Navy looked really strong throughout their 3rd 2K performance and look to take this momentum heading into the regular season. Their team was the first to break Ohio State University’s undefeated SnD record and this game mode will prove key against lesser-known opponents.

Early Predictions

As most other pre-season predictions would say, the University of Toronto and Liberty University Navy will battle it out for the top two spots in the league. The University of Toronto will use their experience to snatch the number one seed while Liberty University Navy take the second seed.

The third seed is where it gets interesting as there is not enough gameplay to base a calculated prediction on. Rutgers University and Rochester Institute of Technology Black are two institutions that have multi-gaming success in esports. This author is expecting them both to perform in the regular season. Humber College is the only other team besides the top 2 with a rank during the power rankings. It will be a really interesting battle for the third seed, but Rochester Institute of Technology Black will win out in very close fashion.

The season begins with many teams looking to prove a point. It is only a matter of time until we see who hits the ground running.


The College Call of Duty regular season will begin on January 21st, 2019. All series will be best of 5 matches following COD World League rule-set. Tune in LIVE at the College COD Twitch.

CCL Season One general information, rules, brackets, participants and results can be all found on College COD Esportspedia. You may follow College Call of Duty on Discord and Twitter.

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