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Cold War Zombies Announce Upgrades for New Perk and Field Upgrade

Cold War Zombies Death Perception

Treyarch recently announced the tiers for the new perk and new field upgrade in Cold War Zombies. The Black Ops 4 perk, Death Perception, and the new field upgrade, Tesla Storm, have five tiers, each with their own special abilities. Here is a breakdown of how the new upgrades will affect players zombie killing experience.

Death Perception Makes Its Return To Zombies

Death Perception makes its return to zombies after debuting in Black Ops 4. The Black Ops 4 version of Death Perception allow players to see the outlines of zombies who are out of sight. The modifier allowed players to see the weak points of boss zombies. In Cold War Zombies, the base level of Death Perception allows players to see the outlines of zombies. The first tier increases the map refresh rate. With the refresh rate increased on the map, players will be able to see where the zombies are on the map more often. The Tier Two upgrade has enemy indicators when zombies are not on the screen. These first two tiers allow players to increase their map awareness. Tier Three and Tier Four increases armor penetration by 25 percent and a 20 percent increase of salvage. The final tier outlines chests, resources, and item drops on the map.

Death Perception also acts like Black Ops II’s Vulture Aid when fully upgraded. These tier levels increase player’s survivability during a match. Cold War Zombies changed a lot with movement and having increased map awareness is important for survivability. With eight perks in the game, Death Perception is making a case to be one of the first perks players buy at the start of the match.

Tesla Storm Joins as a Shockingly Good Field Upgrade

Cold War Zombies is adding it’s eighth Field Upgrade called Tesla Storm. This Field Upgrade chains lightning between players and zombies and stuns and damages enemies as a base ability. Tesla Storm Tier One doubles damage that the field upgrade does. The Tier Two Upgrade increases the duration to 15 seconds from the base 10 seconds. Like several other upgrades, the Tier Three Tesla Storm can now stun special zombies. Manglers, Tempests, Manglers and Disciples can now be stunned by the Tesla Storm. The Tier Four upgrade increases the movement speed of players by 25 percent. Tesla Storm and Aether Shroud are the only field upgrades that increase the movement speed. Movement Speed along with stunning special and normal enemies can increase survivability in tight situations. With the Tier Five upgrade, the Tesla Storm can stun elite enemies like the Megaton and Krasny Soldat to increase survivability even more.

The Tesla Storm might rival Ring of Fire and Aether Shroud as one of the best Field Upgrades. Being able to get out of sticky situations without having to stand still like in Ring of Fire makes the new Tesla Storm Field Upgrade great.

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