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Call of Duty

Cold War Season Five is Around the Corner: What Players Need to Know

Cold War Season Five

Cold War Season Five begins August 12 with the addition of new multiplayer maps, zombies and warzone content. With all the new additions to the game, here’s what players need to know before it drops on Thursday.

Cold War Season Five Adds New Maps and Modes to Multiplayer

Cold War Season Five sees several new maps and new modes added into multiplayer. The new mode called Double Agent, is a mafia-like game mode with traitors, investigators and operatives. The double agent must sabotage the mission while avoiding suspicion from the Operatives and Investigators. They can plant bombs and have access to counterspy planes, gas mines, combat bows and attack helicopters. The Investigators can have trophy systems, stimshots and hand cannons while also being able to tag people who are suspicious with a Wanted Order.

Demolition is also being added this season. The game mode has teams either defend or attack two bomb sites over two rounds. Along with the two game modes, there are five new maps coming to the game. There are four 6v6 maps and one 2v2 and 3v3 map. Echelon, Drive-In and Showroom are brand new maps for Cold War. The Zoo 6v6 map comes from the Outbreak and Fireteam game modes. The Black Ops II map Slums also joins the map rotation as another remaster to round out the multiplayer updates.


Warzone and Zombies Receive New Areas and Content

Warzone and Zombies also are receiving their fair share of content with the Season Five update. The Mobile Broadcast Stations are the new locations in Warzone. These stations allow players to compete for rewards, and will spawn at random places across the map. Warzone is also adding a 50v50 mode called Clash. The teams of 50 compete against each other in a race to get 200 kills. The multiplayer map Rush is being added as the new Gulag map, and two new perks called Combat Scout and Tempered are also being added.

Zombies is also getting some more content. Outbreak has a new region called Collateral, based off the multiplayer map. This is the seventh region in Outbreak, and it comes with a new objective called Transport. Players can drive the vehicle to different locations on the map while being chased by zombies to complete this objective. In addition to a new objective, tanks are now in Outbreak. Although the tank is slow, the minigun is powerful and can take down the toughest enemies. Death Perception and Tesla Storm are the new perk and field upgrade. Death Perception allows players to see obscured enemies at base level, and increases salvage drops and outlines chests and item drops at higher tiers. The Tesla Storm field upgrade causes players to chain lightning between them and the zombies, and at higher tiers allows for special enemies to be stunned. The Grappling Hook from Black Ops 4 also returns to Outbreak.


New Weapons and Midseason Event Round Out Season Five

There are several new weapons, scorestreak and a brand-new Midseason event coming to Cold War. The new weapons are the EM2, TEC-9, Marshal, and the Cane. The EM2 is an assault rifle with low fire rate, but high accuracy at long range. The TEC-9 is a submachine gun that is semi-automatic with low recoil and more accuracy at longer ranges, much like the EM2. The Marshall is a double-barrel pistol that shoots shotgun ammo at close range, much like the Marshall-16 from Black Ops III. Lastly, the Cane is a melee weapon that kills in one hit. All these weapons will be available through challenges and can be unlocked for free during Season Five.

The Flamethrower is the new scorestreak being added in Season Five. This weapon may be nostalgic for those who played World at War. The Flamethrower comes with a low cost so players do not need to rack up many points to be able to use it. Along with the scorestreak, a midseason event is announced. This event follows the continuation of the story about Perseus and the broadcasts, and will involve the Mobile Broadcast Stations in Warzone.


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