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Chicago Huntsmen: CDL Atlanta Preview

This weekend the Call of Duty League will travel to Atlanta for their homestand. The teams attending the event are either at the top of the standings or hungry for CDL points making for an interesting mix of teams. Coming off of winning CDL London, the Chicago Huntsmen are looking to continue their strong start and create more distance between themselves and the rest of the competition.

Previewing CDL Atlanta

Toronto Ultra (1-3)

Courtesy of Toronto Ultra

The Toronto Ultra come into Atlanta with high hopes for a better weekend than in Minnesota and London. Toronto have started slower than they would have liked, only accumulating 10 CDL points thus far which lands them in a tie for eighth place. Early on, Toronto has shown inconsistencies in their gameplay which has lead to them winning just over 35% of their maps.

This match is more of a textbook match for the Huntsmen given their early success. The Huntsmen have more talent on paper and have been playing like it thus far. The first advantage Chicago possesses is balance. Chicago have shown versatility in the various maps and modes early on proving they can win across a variety of scenarios. The Huntsmen have proven time and time again they are capable of winning even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Complementing the Huntsmen’s balance is simply their confidence. The Chicago Huntsmen have made a statement early creating incredibly strong momentum. Chicago are winning approximately four out of every five maps where the Ultra are only winning one in three. The Huntsmen appear fearless early on and given their dominance it will set them apart from Toronto. The confidence the Huntsmen have been accumulating is going to spill over into the start of this event and keep pouring fuel on the wildfire that is the Chicago Huntsmen.

Player to Watch: Envoy
Courtesy of NRG

Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon runs a sub for the Chicago Huntsmen and has not skipped a beat coming off of a red hot Black Ops 4 season. Envoy and Scump have complemented each other perfectly so far in the CDL. Envoy plays aggressively and puts an overwhelming amount of pressure on his opponents. Envoy’s playstyle makes it difficult for the opposing team to set up or get comfortable executing the game plan.

Envoy has been amassing high KD ratios and objective time throughout the first few weeks. He has shown a high in-game IQ as he rotates early in Hardpoint, and finds advantageous positions on the map. Dylan has shown an advanced understanding of the game which is reflected in his playstyle, map positioning and early success.

Prediction: Chicago win 3-0

Following the conclusion of this match, Chicago will play the Minnesota ROKKR (2-0) or the Paris Legion (4-2). Both matches would draw tons of viewers, but the match that fans are hoping for is FaZe vs. Huntsmen to prove which team is truly the best.


Featured photo courtesy of Dexerto

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