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CDL Profiles: The Predator of Australia

There are a lot of new faces this season when it comes to players in the Call of Duty League. One such player is Amer Zulbeari. A player hailing from Australia. Here is a deep dive into a new series of CDL Profiles: The Predator of Australia. 

On August 19th, 2001, Amer “Pred” Zulbeari was born. The young phenom started playing Call of Duty at an early age as he began to love first-person shoulders due to his friends and family members playing the game in front of him as a young child. 

The First Team and Year in Competitive COD

At the ripe young age of 14, in 2015, he played on his first pro team, Team Skyfire, along with Hopey, Excite, Lakie, Rival, and Advin. His first ever match in a competitive setting was during the ACL CoD League Regular season of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. His team played Trident Esports, winning 3-1. 

Second Year in Pro COD with Second Team

The second and third event he played in was CGPL Season of Call of Duty: World War Two in 2018. This is where he played alongside veterans in Louqa, Immense, and Crimzah. Later playing with fate. This year is where he got his first official tournament win as his team Frontline Esports, placed first in the CGPL regular season. 

The Third Year and Third Team 

At the beginning of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season, Pred began to make a name for himself as he hopped around playing in every tournament he could get good placements. He also got his second minor tournament win. 

Later, he began to get noticed by Prodigy Esports, where he later signed and ended the season as well playing alongside former teammates in Crimzah and Immense with Stocka and lymax. As a team, he was able to get a third tournament win at the XP Esports AUSLAN ANZ Championships 2019. 

The Fourth Year and Fourth Team

At the beginning of the season, Pred was able to add to his tally of wins, picking up five tournament victories early on in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare season. This is where he was able to get picked up by the team, Renegades. 

He, alongside Fighta, Swifty, Setzyy, and good friends in Crimzah, was able to take the Challengers division by storm. He and his team picked up 21 additional tournament victories. There was even a time where he and his team won 17 straight tournaments, dominating the Asia-Pacific scene. 

The Fifth Year and Second Year with Renegades

As if nothing happened, Pred and the Renegades continued to dominate the Asia-Pacific region of Call of Duty as they posted 14 tournament wins during the Cold War season. This put his tally of tournament wins to 43. A huge accomplishment as he is still at the young age of 20. 

The Sixth Year and Future for Pred

He already added another tournament win to his resume of 44 tournament wins. 29 of his 44 tournament wins have been in Division two of the Call of Duty League in the Call of Duty Challengers division. With a brand new team in Seattle Surge and a debut in the CDL for himself, who knows what is to come for the predator of Australia. 

Featured Image Courtesy of Amer “Pred” Zulbeari

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