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CDL Profiles: No Cap Capsidal

With the season already underway, the Boston Breach is looking to be a force to be reckoned with. The team is looking to surprise many within the Call of Duty League. In that, the Breach has a bright future with the young and talented, Kenyen “Capsidal”  Sutton. Let’s take a look at the CDL rookie in this edition of CDL Profiles: No Cap Capsidal. 

Sutton, now 19 years of age, started playing Call of Duty at a very early age. However, his love for the competitive aspect of it grew to start out his career at a very early age. He watched a lot of VODs, scrims, and practiced a lot which got him to where he is today. 

Infinite Warfare

It was a little over four years only when Capsidal got his first taste of competitive Call of Duty. He first started, officially, in Infinite Warfare. In 2017, he and his friends created a ragtag crew to compete in a $10,000 UMG tournament. In the tournament, he and his team played great in getting a 5th-8th placement, surprising many in the Call of Duty community. Little did he know, this would be the start of something brand new for Sutton. 

Black Ops 3

In Black Ops 3, he went the same route. Only this time he joined a team with a veteran of the SnD scene at the time, PureMGS. He only, again, played in one official tournament, a $1000 CMG tournament placing 9th-16th. However, with that performance, he got a chance to get his name known which helped him later on in his career.

World War Two

In this game, a day later after the CMG Black Ops 3 tournament, he teamed with PureMGS again. He and his team got another 9th-16th placement in the CMG tournament. To many, this would be a time to stop competing. For Capsidal, it was only motivation to work harder in the next Call of Duty that came out, which he did. 

Black Ops 4

This is the Call of Duty where Capsidal really came onto the scene as a pro player. Although an amateur pro, he caught the eye of many within the scene due to his play style and flashy plays. He caught the eye of now Warzone pro, Rallied, and teamed with him. 

He also got to play with now big names in MentaL, Shotzzy, Mohak, Almond, PaulEhx, Standy, Davpadie, Volants, Yeez, and Onyx. In this game, he also got his first two tournament victories in his career winning a UMG and Gamebattles Tournament respectively. 

Modern Warfare

To start off the season, he formed a team Knight, KingKyper, BasedGodHills, and Nero. Yes, I said it, Nero. His new a teammate on Boston Breach. Who would have thought? All these years later, they make it to the pros together on the same team. 

Anyway, Capsidal only played in a couple of Modern Warfare tournaments getting good placements. But still, he got to play with future World Champions that same year in iLLey, Shotzzy, and Huke. And if they saw the talent in him, his future was only getting brighter. 

Black Ops Cold War

In Cold War, Capsidal got noticed the most through word of mouth. From playing with veterans and SnD stars alike. Many people within the scene thought he was cheating at one point for crying out loud. There was nothing stopping his momentum though as he got good placements across the whole season.

Players He Played With

Even getting to play with notable active/former pros like Mohak, Uli, Maux, Gunsii, Goonjar, Hollow, Havok, ProFeeZy, Denz, ACHES, Lacefield, Nagafen, Fire, Sib, Jintroid, Mock, Onyx, and Mochila. Yes, all of those guys. If they all saw something, you can bet that the new franchise, Boston Breach, saw the same thing too. 

Vanguard and the Future

After joining the Boston Breach along with Methodz, Nero, and TJHaly, he looks to improve on his game and quite possibly be the next best thing. This is due to his unbelievable performance at the Kickoff Classic a couple of days ago. Could this be the start of a storied career or was that just a one-hit-wonder? 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Boston Breach

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