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CDL Profiles: From Zero to Nero

CDL Nero

The Boston Breach recently got a win versus the Los Angeles Guerrillas. In that win, Nero played a huge role as the entry sub for the team. He is one of the most talented upcoming players to be in the league. At a young age as well, he could be the player Boston needs to have a great first year. Here we take a look at Nero in another edition of CDL Profiles: From Zero to Nero. 

Dylan “Nero” Koch started early on in his Call of Duty career as he played Call of Duty at a very early age because of watching friends and family members play the game. After he became interested in Call of Duty, he thought that another way for it to be more fun would be to play competitively. 

Infinite Warfare and Black Ops 3

Nero started his career in 2017 playing Infinite Warfare. In his first official tournament, he actually played with Zaptius, who would eventually be pro within the league. In Black Ops 3, he had really good placements while playing with the likes of Kismet and TTinyy. 

Black Ops 4

This is Nero’s first official full year of Call of Duty. He ended up playing FeLo, Envoy, Rallied, and Royalty. In the first couple of months, he ended up getting his first and second tournament wins in his career in two CMG tournaments. After a couple of tournaments, he later signed, briefly, to play for the Pittsburgh Knights. He ended up getting two more tournament wins late in the Black Ops 4 season. 

Modern Warfare

In the beginning weeks, he signed with his second team, Arctic Gaming, where he had good placement. He then signed with his third team in Third Impact as well. He got some really good placings in this game, however, he struggled to get a tournament win. 

Cold War

This is the game where Nero got onto the map of the Call of Duty scene. After having an already decent career, he decided to sign for the Los Angeles Guerrillas Academy team along with Exceed, Chino, and former Gears of War Champion MentaL. 

With the team, he had eight tournaments where they got decent placings in winning prize money for the team. However, the best performance was when he got his fifth tournament win as they won an open challengers cup. He then signed for WestR, where he got some great placements playing with the storied Challengers team. Later, he got signed to the Boston Breach alongside Methodzz, Capsidal, and TJHaly. 

Vanguard and the Future

The future is looking bright for Nero and the new CDL franchise as they already have a win under their belt. With the young guns in Capsidal and Nero alongside the veteran-like play of TJHaly and Methodzz. Nero is looking to prove everyone right as to why he is possibly one of the most exciting players in the league. 

Featured Image Courtesy of the Boston Breach

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