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CDL: Chicago Huntsmen Week One Review

Chicago Huntsmen Week One

Launch Weekend

The Call of Duty League had an amazing launch weekend with a stacked lineup of matches. This is the CDL week one review for the Chicago Huntsmen. The first match of the season was arguably one of its best as the Huntsmen faced the Dallas Empire. This match was one of the most hyped up games of the weekend as both of these teams were on top of many different power rankings. The rivalry between both teams’ veteran players played out in an epic fashion. The Chicago Huntsmen also played against the Los Angeles OpTic over the weekend. This game also had a deep rivalry running through it as both teams have an intertwined past.

Chicago Versus Dallas

The Huntsmen against the Empire was an epic clash. The tensions behind the scenes were at an all-time high as the feud between the veteran players of both teams would be playing out. Ian “Crimsix” Porter of the Dallas Empire had a vendetta that needed to be settled. Crimsix was gunning for Seth “Scump” Abner and Matthew “FormaL” Piper. Scump and FormaL responded with an amazing performance along with the rest of the Huntsmen as they defeated the Dallas Empire 3-1.

Hardpoint on Azhir Cave

The Chicago Huntsmen absolutely slayed on Hardpoint in Azhir Cave. Four of their players put up over 30 kills. The team also had amazing rotations and kept the pressure on Dallas throughout the whole set. This first win had Scump fired up and ready for the rest of the game.

Huntsmen Vs Dallas
Photo Courtesy of Call of Duty League

Search and Destroy on Arklov Peak

Dallas responded though in Search and Destroy on Arklov Peak. The Empire composed themselves and had quite the game where they beat the Huntsmen 6-1. Search and Destroy seemed to be the only weak spot for Chicago as Scump commented in an after-game interview that the team has not had many scrims in this mode yet.

Domination on Hackney Yard

Domination on Hackney Yard saw the Huntsmen start in the bad spawn but that was quickly resolved as Pierce “Gunless” Hillman pushed and flipped spawns early. There Gunless would give Chicago a foothold as they commanded the rest of the game. FormaL was absolutely slaying and seemed unbeatable where he put up a 10 kill streak. The Huntsmen had a three cap for a large portion of the first half. Chicago dominated the rest of the game and won 202-157.

Hardpoint on Gun Runner

The Huntsmen were on a tear as they headed into map four. They kept the pressure going and beat the Empire 250-173. Scump and FormaL exploded out of their seats after winning and immediately started the smack talk against Crimsix and the Dallas Empire.  In the instant reaction Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson said “This shit was easy.” As Scump took to the casting desk he said “Yo Crimsix you got to take that poster down, we’re living rent-free brother, golly.” This is referring to the poster Crimsix has of his former team that he uses to fuel his search for revenge. 

Scump and Formal Smack Talk
Photo courtesy of Call of Duty League


Chicago Huntsmen Versus Los Angeles OpTic

The War of the Green Wall also played out over the weekend. The main body of the Chicago Huntsmen were once a part of OpTic gaming and represent a dynasty era. Scump would also be playing against former teammates Thomas “TJHaly” Haly and Brandon “Dashy” Otell. After a shakeup in the leadership and roster of OpTic Gaming the loyalty of their fan base the Green Wall was under question. Would they follow the brand of OpTic Gaming or the legacy that Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez built?

Photo Courtesy of Call of Duty League

The crowd booed and jeered at the entrance of Los Angeles OpTic while they roared for the Chicago Huntsmen. The war was quick and over with though as the Huntsmen made short work of OpTic LA. Chicago commanded the series as they won 3-0. The Huntsmen were calm, cool and collected as they won where it was clear they were prepared for this outcome. Though the organizations are against each other Scump still remains friends with his former teammates. Scump has said that “with them (LA) its all love.”

Hardpoint on Azhir Cave

The Huntsmen started on the bad side and immediately flipped spawns. As they battled in cave point though OpTic regained the spawn and gained quite a bit of time on the hill. Dylan “Envoy” Hannon would respond as he racked up kills while the Huntsmen kept a small yet steady lead throughout the different rotations. Chicago would pull away though as they kept their rotations smart and won the hills they needed beating OpTic LA 250-176.

Search and Destroy on Piccadily

Search and Destroy was a weak spot for the Huntsmen when they faced Dallas but they absolutely shined against Los Angeles. FormaL was playing sniper and was absolutely lethal as he kept overwatch. Scump and Gunless would go on to have a huge clutch as Chicago won the map 6-2.

Domination on Hackney Yard

The Huntsmen started on good spawn and took an early lead in Hackney Yard. Chicago would lock down B for most of the first half of the map. As they lost B though they would seemingly let off the pressure against Los Angeles. The Huntsmen would start the second half on bad spawn and spend most of the round attempting to flip. This allowed OpTic to close the gap and surpass the Huntsmen for a small time. Formal and Envoy would press on and secure B to close out the map eventually passing OpTic and winning 192-186.

A Force to be Reckoned With

The Chicago Huntsmen looked absolutely dominant on launch weekend. They faced off against their two rivals and surpassed them with ease. Though it is only the first game of the season the Huntsmen are showing that they are truly a force to be reckoned with. With amazing fresh talent and the guidance and skill of their veteran players, Chicago is on top of the leader boards and power rankings.

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