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Can the Los Angeles Thieves Win COD Champs at Home?

After many ups and countless amounts of downs, can the Los Angeles Thieves win COD Champs at home?

From the very beginning, the Los Angeles Thieves, let alone the 100 Thieves Brand in general, was a highly talked about and highly popular team within esports. So when that team joins the Call of Duty League where the Championship ends up being in their hometown, it grows the question. Can the Los Angeles Thieves win COD Champs at home? 

The Beginning

At the beginning of the season, the team showed a lot of promise with the likes of Kenny, Slasher, TJHaly, and Temp. It was not until stage two where everything started to go downhill. Which in turn, led to the eventual dropping of Temp, where he decided to go to the Paris Legion. 

This led to many roster changes to come as they then brought in Huke, surprising everyone within the Call of Duty community. Which also, did not end up working out as they began to place horribly. 

Middle of the Season

In the middle of the season, they decided to put TJHaly and Slasher on the bench. Calling up Drazah and Venom off the bench to take their place. They showed great promise in winning three out of their five-stage games while they were playing. 

However, it still did not add up as the team struggled to advance to a top-six finish in stages three and four. This led to them putting Huke on the bench yet again for TJHaly to hopefully revive their season. 

Later in the season Till Now

Later on, in the season, they decided to settle on the lineup of Drazah, TJHaly, Slasher, and Kenny. Which, consequently, showed very good promise in the final stage five group play and major. One thing is for certain though, this team lacks a huge component in winning, playing confidently. 

How can the Los Angeles Thieves Win Champs?

Not only are they the hometown team, but they also have serious experience when it comes to the Call of Duty Championship. All four players have played at the highest stage of Call of Duty in at least one Call of Duty World Championship. 

This could be an X-Factor when it comes to playing during matches as all the players are experienced in high-pressure situations. Another X-Factor could be the actual players themselves. 

Kenny is the most confident he has ever been showing why he is one of the most versatile players in the game. This while Slasher is beginning to show his own as the veteran leading the team to victory. 

Drazzah is showing up to be one of the most talented young players the league has ever seen by his nearly unmatched gun skill and movement. This along with the iceman himself, TJHaly, showing why he could be relied on in high-pressure situations. 

The biggest thing that the Los Angeles Thieves have is that there are no expectations for them at all. They are not favorites to win any match at Champs. And also, they have nothing to lose. 

Could this be the final stand for the most talked about team in the league or will this be another blunder? All this will be figured out at this year’s Call of Duty Championship for the Los Angeles Thieves!

Featured Image Courtesy of the Los Angeles Thieves

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